Daily Archives: May 5, 2004

Artistic Victory

Some of you know I’ve taken to costuming fashion dolls, after my stunning success of creating a Morrigan Barbie for a certain cougar last Yule. At the moment I have rough sketches and a few nekkid Barbies in a box, upon whom I’ve been practicing my painting skills to further customise them.

My second secret project is now well under way. Tal saw it last week, and when I said I was in the midst of repainting the eyes, he said, “No you aren’t,” which was incredibly satisfying because it meant he couldn’t tell the difference. What once was a purple-eyed Barbie showing her little white teeth in a plastic smile is now a dreamy green-eyed lass with a demure close-mouthed smile. I’ll let her finish drying and then varnish the paintwork to seal it. Then, ah then, I costume.

I checked the prices of sewing machines at Sears this afternoon; the mid-range model with fourteen stitches and a hard case is $249 on sale till Saturday. Hmm.

Painting and blending the exact shade of natural lip colour was precisely what I needed after alternately wanting to cry and tear things to shreds this afternoon. Writing a severe memo regarding the plagiarism issue made me want to shake the author until her teeth flew out of her head. I can’t write in this mood, but apparently I can paint.

Be Still My Heart

Lord of the Rings CD Specials
Howard Shore, the composer for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, has announced that the soundtrack from the films will be released on a nine-CD set. The first eight will include the soundtrack from the films with the ninth CD containing previously unreleased music.

That means approximately two and a third CDs of music per film. Just think of all that delicious music we heard in the theatre that wasn’t on the albums, and of the new music scored for the extended release DVD sets! And an extra CD of music that didn’t end up being used, too? Oh, it’s too much happiness…

Howard Shore was interviewed back in 2001 and mentioned that the album releases were condensed from the longer musical cues in the films. Those of us who listen to music closely in films know this. To be able to hear the entire musical story from start to finish, with all its developments and revisitations of motifs and themes, is going to be an incredible gift.

(via the SF Site News. Anyone have a release date?)

UPDATE: Here’s the original exclusive interview Shore did with Empire. A snip: �The plan is that we would feature all of the music in the theatrical cuts of the films,” said Shore, talking exclusively to Empire. “Currently, two discs for [the first], three each for [the second and third films] and a ninth disc of rarities with host of rare, unreleased music from the films with commentary from me.� Looks like there’s also to be a two-disc release of the symphonic version of the LOTR music Shore’s been touring about the globe. As for a release date, all we know is “next year.”

Computer Bits

Turns out that it was the motherboard that fried when Skippy wired the old hard drive in to transfer my marooned data. We’re looking at Tuesday as the ETA for the new one, complete with new power supply, processor, and RAM.

Get this: the power supply will be red. How cool is that? It goes perfectly with the new system’s registry, which is GGS-ZOOM.