Daily Archives: May 25, 2004

Feel The Love

I love my husband — I truly do. He’s a cornerstone in my life. I can snarl at him when I’m grumpy and trying to concentrate on writing, and he takes it. I make him tea with lemon and honey when he’s sick and sorry for himself, and he drinks it.

This morning, however, I woke up with his cold. The same cold we’ve been passing back and forth for almost two months now.

A tip for cold-sufferers: a tea made of eucalyptus and thyme is refreshing, and quite pleasant. It has a faintly clove-like taste, slightly menthol. I’m taking a cup every few hours. Let’s see if it works.

Now I’m off to buy him ROTK on DVD, because I still love him, even though he gave me the cold again. He deserves it; he’s been miserable for a week now. Besides, I need more vitamin C tablets.

Farewell, Angel…

Yesterday was the Angel Victoria Day Viewers’ Choice Marathon on the Space channel: twelve solid hours of the best Angel episodes ever.

(Marathon #, Ep. #, Episode Name)

Intro to marathon: 1-01, City Of…
#10, 4-06, Spin the Bottle
#09, 1-18, Five by Five
#08, 3-13, Waiting in the Wings
#07, 5-15, A Hole in the World
0#6, 4-15, Orpheus
#05, 5-11, Damage
#04, 1-09, Hero
#03, 5-12, You’re Welcome (100th Episode)
#02, 1-08, I Will Remember You
#01, 5-14, Smile Time
Series Finale: 5-22, Not Fade Away

I was pleasantly surprised at the calibre of shows chosen. There were several from season 5 (so someone explain to me why it was cancelled again?), a handful from season 1, one from season 3, and only one from the horrible Connor/Cordy season which was redeemed by having not only Angelus but Faith and Willow in it, too. I’d forgotten how much I loved “Waiting in the Wings” (who’d’ve ever guessed that Angel was a ballet fan?). I accepted the voluntary heart-wrenchingness of watching both Fred’s and Wes’ final episodes in the same day, not to mention the “I Will Remember You” episode from season 1 with Sarah Michelle Gellar. My sofa was Kleenex-box Central. And I managed to hit the record button to immortalise “Smile Time,” which is being sent home with t! tomorrow because he simply has to see evil puppets at work in LA.

My TV was on for eleven solid hours, which I think was a personal record. I’m glad it was rainy outside, otherwise I would have felt horribly guilty about being inside all day. Anyway, I still managed to get 1.5K written during the whole thing, plus some formatting and editing. How’s that for multi-tasking? Not that I’d do it again soon; I just couldn’t choose one over the other, so I did both.