Daily Archives: May 20, 2004


I have three seam rippers, and none of them can be found.

Three. Two of them purchased because I couldn’t find the previous seam ripper(s).

The arm pieces to my superhero costume are complete. One’s a bit tight; I’ll just have to not gain any muscle mass on the left arm until after the party.

I need bleach to lighten a piece of fabric a bit, a seam ripper to unpick two metres of seams, and I need to find my interfacing and my glue gun. Thank goodness this costume doesn’t need a ton of sewing, because the little “quick-fix” portable thing Scarlet lent me is good for temporary hems and not much more. Next cheque (whenever that might be), a sewing machine. Absolutely.

But sooner: a seam ripper. Damn it.

Coffee, Tea, Me

According to a coffee quiz, my personality type is classified as “Peppermint Cappuccino: You’re fun, outgoing, and you love to try anything new. However, you tend to have strong opinions on what you like. You are a total girly girly at heart – and prefer your coffee with good conversation. You’re the type that seems complex to outsiders, but in reality, you are easy to please.”

Well, I’m amused. I’m not so sure about the trying anything new, and I actually prefer to drink my coffee alone, usually with a book. The quiz actually had decent questions though – certainly better than the writing quiz a couple of weeks ago – with answers I could choose because they were right, as opposed to selecting the one I disliked the least.

In order to achieve balance in all things, I looked for a tea quiz, and found two. The first one, which told me that I was “hot herbal tea: a spa for the soul,” wasn’t very deep. The second one would have been better if the author hadn’t expressed his/her own preferences in the questions, but it’s well-rounded, and even offers the option of rating the importance of the answer. The author indicates in the preamble that “Note- Black teas should only be made with boiling water, mostly. Green teas should never, ever be made with boiling water. For green tea, about 180 F is a good temperature to go by, mostly. If green tea is infused with boiling water, the tea will taste bitter and flat, and you will have wasted your money”, which is some of the best advice I’ve seen included in any quiz.

The answers are better than most quizzes, and they are twenty-five of them provided in a ranked order as per your quiz answers. I’m posting the first half of my answers to educate you about different teas. (They needed a bit of editing, like the quiz does, but the basic info is good):

1. Jasmine Green, intoxicatingly fragrant green tea I drink this already.
2. “Constant Comment”, wonderful black tea with orange rind and cloves I drink this too – t! introduced it to me years ago, and the irony of the name is just too good to pass up.
3. Dragon Well, rare Chinese green tea, quite refreshing This is actually already on my list of teas to try.
4. Genmaicha, green tea with toasted rice, a traditional japanese creation I love Genmaicha!
5. Earl Grey, black tea with oil of bergamot oranges, a classic blend Well, duh.
6. Pu-erh, highly aged China black tea, has an earthy, woody aroma, a bit of an acquired taste This is a new one to me.
7. Silver Needles, very very rare white tea, delicate, extremely light flavor, like hot water with a mere suggestion of tea in it Also new – sounds like I’d love it. And what a beautiful name!
8. Darjeeling, a lighter- bodied black tea, famous for its first and second flushes Again with the well, duh.
9. Ceylon, traditional black tea from Sri Lanka, very full, well-balanced tea Once in a while.
10. Chamomile (herbal blend), medicinal taste, good before bed I hated this until recently.
11. Lapsang Souchong, chinese black tea smoked over pine embers Mmmm – but I have to be in the mood for it.

Not bad. And the quiz serves a purpose, rather than just entertainment.


Whoever designed Halle Berry’s costume for Catwoman should be shot. It’s absolutely dreadful. The acting looks pretty horrendous, too. This is one movie I certainly won’t be seeing this summer.

And oh, look at that: only two weeks until Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban comes out. When did that happen?