Daily Archives: May 11, 2004

Book Update

Today’s word count: 2,472
Total word count: 13,516

Evidently I had a lot to say about the topic of ethics. This was a terrific day, and I’m not even counting the bibliography listings I added (which would have bumped me over the 2.5K mark, but which would have been ethically questionable).

It’s hard to believe that I’m just over one-sixth done.

Crossed Wires

Well, that helps the mind-mess; turns out that there was a miscommunication within my writing group, and things have been set back to Thursday.

Until next week, that is, when Wednesday becomes our new meeting day. Sigh.

Tuesday, right?

I’m all messed up week-wise. All morning I’ve been thinking it’s Wednesday, because I went into the bookstore yesterday instead of today on Tuesday, my usual day. However, the writing jam has been switched from Thursday to Tuesday (possibly temporarily due to yet more schedule changes), which is today – or so my calendar tells me. My brain is struggling to maintain the Wednesday-day-after-work truth simultaneously with the Thursday-writing-jam-day truth, along with the Tuesday-according-to-the-calendar truth. It’s very sad, but I think I’m getting a headache from trying to figure out what day it is.

The solution is probably to stop thinking altogether and go check on the laundry.


I really, really ought to remember to open the windows in here more often. I discovered a warm, fresh-smelling world when I went out to pick up laundry detergent at the corner. Now that they’re open, the place feels more awake and relaxed. And the entire caboodle of kittens are now squished into the open windows, pressing as close to the fascinating new smells of the Great Outdoors as they possibly can.