Daily Archives: June 12, 2003

On Being Wrong, Diana Krall, And Car Commercials

I’m always impressed and approve of the courage it takes when someone admits that they were wrong, so I thought I’d extend the same courtesy to you all by taking this opportunity to tell you about today’s discovery of my own error in judgement.

It’s about Diana Krall.

I’m a jazz fan, particularly of big band and swing, Porter and Gershwin; I especially enjoy vocalists like Sarah Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald. I heard a clip from a very early Diana Krall album a few years ago and hated it. The steadily increasing Krall-appreciation in Canada left a bad taste in my mouth.

Enter Chrysler. Yes, the car company.

Classy car commercials impress me as much as beer ads do not. The use of black and white film and jazz in the soundtrack grab me every time. I got sick of “The Look of Love” when these commercials first debuted on TV, but for the past month I’ve been clicking the mute function off when the new Pacifica ad runs, because I love the clip they use of “Charmed Life”. (“Does she come with the car?” my father wanted to know when the first Krall Chrysler ads came out. Be glad you live in Canada, Dad; south of the border they use Celine Dion for a soundtrack.)

If I’m turning up the volume to listen to thirty seconds of car commercial soundtrack, I might as well admit to myself that I want to hear the whole song.

I turned to the Wide World of Web to find out which album contained “Charmed Life”, and discovered that to my dismay it exists solely as a Canadian bonus track on the live album or Look of Love, which means that both are collectibles and priced accordingly, between forty and fifty dollars, even on Canadian sites.

I stopped by Future Shop to buy a non-moving part today, and on a whim I checked the CD section.

Look at that. Diana Krall, Live in Paris. With the Canadian bonus track “Charmed Life”. And a pleasant price sticker that tells me it’s priced at fifteen ninety-nine.

Score one for Autumn and Diana Krall.

I love this album. “Charmed Life” is even more fabulous in its full 2:48 minutes of glory. And she does a terrific cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Case of You”.

So, I freely admit that I was wrong. Diana Krall’s great. I love her voice. I love her style. (Well, her current style; I might not be as enamoured of her earlier albums.) She’s not Ella Fitzgerald, but she isn’t trying to be. Plus, she’s Canadian. Yay her.

I may not have bought a car as a result of those Chrysler ads, but I’ve discovered a new jazz pianist and vocalist. If anyone wants to surprise me with a PT Cruiser, however, I still won’t say no. It has to have a DVD player in it, though, so I can play my new Diana Krall CD and pretend I’m in my own commercial.

rant rant rant

Okay, I’ve been really good and I haven’t said a single thing about the whole Air Canada situation.

I can hold my peace no longer. Allow me just this minor outburst:

Robert Milton says that Air Canada is going to lose about a billion dollars this year. He blames SARS.

Oh, sure; this has nothing to do with the accumulation of particularly horrible management of fleet and crew over the past ten years, or your lousy service, or your action of filing for bankrupty protection in the last fiscal quarter. It’s all the fault of SARS.

Even if Toronto hadn’t recently been the victim of world paranoia, you’d still be losing a billion dollars this year, Uncle Milty, because you’re badly administrated.

I really hate it when people project blame, ignore facts, and refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.

All right. I’m done.

I will now proceed to think happy thoughts.

Um, You’ve Checked My Server Logs, Haven’t You

Blogger has a new interface. After going through the entire process with that last post, my first impression is that I like it. At the moment it’s not better or worse than the old one, it’s just different.

The best part so far? After previewing your post, you hit the publish button, and a new screen replaces the old one. It says:

Publishing in process.
This may take a few minutes, if you have a large blog.

Do they know me, or what?

Downs and Ups

Yesterday was good and bad for many reasons, most of which I will not go into. I will summarise it all by mentioning the following highlights:

~ I work with the best gang of people any woman could work with. Anyone who gives me loonies to put into a parking meter so that I can keep hanging around on my day off, simply because I slept horribly and felt cranky but didn’t want to be alone, is automatically nominated to demi-deity status in my world. Brenda, Tamu: you rock. And Dimitri, thanks for the tissues.

~ My husband finally got paid for the freelance work he did at Easter, which came right after I learned that my own little source of freelance income has indefinitely been put on hold, right on the verge of a nice new project to which I was looking forward to devoting ten to twenty hours a week. The gods taketh away, and the gods giveth.

~ I had chocolate mousse cake for dessert last night. Mmm.

~ And finally, at orchestra, I pulled off the Haydn with some sort of semi-capable style, and then proceeded to sight-read the Mozart with panache and 98% accuracy. Go me. For someone who hates Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and refuses to listen to it, I knew it pretty well. Then again, Mozart is so annoyingly perfect that I could have closed my eyes and played the cello line by prediction alone and still hit it dead on.

Looking at the writing I’ve been posting over at Owldaughter – Read, I’ve realised that I haven’t written short fiction in about eight years. As I’ll have more free time on my hands, I’ve decided to challenge myself to write one short story per week. I need to work on my ability to tell a story in 1,200 to 1,800 words alone. Besides, when I’ve finished a short story, it can be mailed off in submission somewhere, and maybe someday someone will even accept one.

At Tamu’s direction, I’ll also be working up a proposal for both my non-fiction work on alternative spirituality, as well as And By Many Other Names. I received a lecture on the necessity of selling oneself, a topic about which I’ve expressed my dismal and ineffectual flounderings before. She made it sound easier. Baby steps.

I see that I forgot to mention that I’m convinced the designs for the seagulls in Finding Nemo were lifted straight from Nick Park’s brain. Consider it done.

Phrase of the day about which to chortle: The obligation to tell long stories is more terrible than you might imagine. Even Scheherazade might stumble. And she was a far better word whore than I. From Caitlin R. Kiernan, of course.