Daily Archives: June 20, 2003


Well. Apparently whoever’s driving this thing knew a back way around that roadblock.

One of the two projects I’m editing/reviewing has been done. (And for the two of you who are wondering, I did the one I got first: the comic script.)

I’ve also written 1,600 words and have moved my Great Canadian Novel protagonist from the dead stop she was at to Europe. Blink, blink. I’m probably about as stunned as she is.

Back into the fray!

It’s That Simple; It’s That Hard

Caitlin says:

I will sit in this chair, in front of this iBook, until at least 5 pm. I may write. I may not. But I will spend the day sitting here in this chair in front of this iBook. Beads of blood may appear on my forehead. My back may ache. But I will sit here.

Stop trying to write, and frelling write.

I know it’s that simple. I know it’s that intricate.

Except today it’s reviewing and editing other work, and I’m just staring at it and nothing’s sinking in. Which is not at all the fault of the authors. The connection between my eyes and my brain appears to be under construction, and the route is closed until further notice.

It’s roadwork season in Autumn’s brain. Who says we don’t reflect our physical environment?

Rowling & Potter Stuff

In honour of today being the last day before Order of the Phoenix Day (come on, you know that most of the world thinks of it that way instead of as the Summer Solstice!), here are a couple of intelligent Harry Potter links that I’ve been keeping my eye on:

The Leaky Cauldron

The Hogwarts Wire

From The Hogwarts Wire today:

Rowling: Occult accusations are ‘utter garbage’
JK Rowling hates accusations that Harry Potter turns kids onto occult. “I think that’s utter garbage,” Rowling tells Katie Couric in an upcoming TV interview. “I absolutely do not believe in the occult, practice the occult. I’ve never … I’ve met literally thousands of children now. Not one of them has said you’ve really turned me on to the occult. Now, I’m convinced that if that’s what my books were doing, I would by now have met one child who would have come up to me, covered in pentagrams and said, ‘Can we go and sacrifice a goat later together?'”

So there. Honestly.

Classics scholars will get a kick out of this one, posted on April 17, 2003:

Here comes Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis
Bloomsbury recently announced they will be publishing a Latin edition of The Philosopher’s Stone. Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis comes out in hardcover this June along with a Welsh version. Harry Potter has been published in 40 languages already and Gaelic and Ancient Greek versions of the first edition should come out in 2004.

Both sites are great; they report a lot of the same articles, but with different spins. Despite the fact that both the above quotes come from the Wire, I actually prefer the Leaky Cauldron.

And is it just me, or does Harry look an awful lot like Tim Hunter on the US cover of Order of the Phoenix?