Daily Archives: June 10, 2003


By the end of the afternoon I was in a full-out Mood: irritable, on the verge of angry tears for no reason, and the attention span of a cat I won’t mention out of respect to Catdom. So when my husband got home I told him that I wanted to go out, right now. I could see him try to sort through our options: it was five-thirty on a Monday night. Then I made an executive decision and told him that we were going to see Finding Nemo. And off we went.

Before we did, though, I stopped by the bank, put in the thirty-dollar cheque Champlain College had sent me for my guest lecturing services, and bought highlighters and a new blank notebook for research, because I’m two pages away from finishing the one I’ve got. That plus the definitely suspicious lack of highlighters in this house had certainly contributed to my Mood. So — a little bit of disposable income, plus new toys. Much better already.

Finding Nemo is a brilliant film. It’s a laugh-out-loud sort of movie, and laugh is what the adults in the audience — who outnumbered the kids — did with great frequency. I loved the designs, and I loved all the characters, although my favourites were the turtles (which should come as no surprise to those who have known me forever; I adore turtles. They just make me laugh, for some reason. These turtles in particular were designed to make people laugh, so I laughed twice as hard.). And I have come to a conclusion: Roman is a seagull with fur.

We also saw trailers for the next three upcoming animated films: Sinbad (which, of course, my husband is already swooning about), Brother Bear (which had our interest right away for its use of totems and shamanism — Disney, who’d’ve thunk it? and please don’t let them mess it up, but they probably will); and, of course, The Incredibles. Pixar does superheroes. Can it get any better?