Daily Archives: June 4, 2003

On Wedding

I’m becoming nostalgic. Two of my acquaintances are getting/were married this year, and others are talking about it. I’ve been snooping through on-line photos of their wedding gear, dress fittings, and parties.

I’ll have been married four years this September. It was an absolutely fantastic day. Seeing all those posts by others about preparing and the day itself, I’m getting slightly mopy and misty-eyed.

It sems unfair that we only get to do it once if we stay with the significant other we’ve married. I think we should throw ourselves more weddings. Not just anniversary parties – real weddings.

Heck, it would give we ladies an opportunity to wear our wedding dresses again. Maybe we ought to have a Bridal Party where everyone can wear their wedding finery. (I’m just imagining the photos – half a dozen brides gathered on a lawn somewhere. Wow!) We could all get together and rent a small hall or something, cater a meal, have a cake made, do the photograph thing…

And then pay to have the dresses cleaned and boxed again.

Oh well.


I’ve been coding my articles to put up in the Read section of my new website, and you know, I don’t have a single piece of fiction that I feel comfortable posting publicly. This is not a good sign. I’ve been thinking about posting an excerpt from the half-finished Great Canadian Novel (officially 7/12 complete!), from my NaNo novel And By Many Other Names, and maybe that nameless fantasy thing I found on my laptop; but I haven’t written short fiction in years. Oh, sure, there’s that short story I wrote last week, but I realised a couple of days ago that there’s exactly one person on the face of this earth who would understand it completely. I can’t even let my husband read it, because it could ruin a role-playing game we go back to every once in a while.

So that’s frustrating. On the other hand, this morning I received an e-mail from someone whose opinion I value and who rarely compliments anyone. The message was a complete surprise and praised dedication, strength, and independence. A portion of that praise also came from a couple of other people who I’d pretty much do anything for, and it’s rather heady. That e-mail made my day; I feel as if I’m walking a few inches off the floor. (And to borrow a phrase from Skippy, “those who know will know”!)

You know, I did have a flash of a story idea as I was falling asleep last night. Maybe I’ll try doing something with that today.