Daily Archives: June 19, 2003

Farewell, Edvard

We were stuffed into the little music room last night, as the school auditorium where we usually rehearse was being used for graduation exercises. The heat was awful; there’s little ventilation, and about forty musicians playing lively stuff.

A decent rehearsal overall; we got some bad news, though. The Grieg is being cut from the program. A wind player exclaimed in relief when it was announced, and my stand partner seemed approving. I was apparently the only one who was disappointed, and I was sitting right in front of the conductor. “We could do it if we had just two more weeks,” I said. He smiled and shrugged at me, spreading his hands in a “no choice” sort of gesture. I love the Grieg, and I’ve worked really hard on it. Ah, well. We’ve been promised that it will be rescheduled, perhaps for our next concert in the fall.

I notice that it’s raining. That might be my fault. I decided yesterday afternoon that it would be nice to have my husband home today. He hasn’t come back yet, though; it probably won’t be much longer, since it’s hard to mow in the rain. Think of it this way: if it’s raining now, maybe it will actually be sunny on the weekend for a change.