Daily Archives: June 18, 2003

The Fun Part Of Selling Oneself

I’ve just spent four hours designing a business card and a brochure for my writing services.

Damn, but I sound professional. I mean, I read my brochure, and I’d hire me. I need to tweak it a bit, though – I think I’ll end up creating two versions, one for companies and one for individuals, so I can target my audience better rather than referring to one here and another there.

The best part? It has continuity with my web site and my web log through the use of colour and the owl motif.

The almost-as-best part: this counts as writing. t! challenged me to write an opinion piece today, but I think this rather slips in under the creative writing wire. Hire me! I’m confident, capable, and I can help you. The tricky part? Telling people they need help without making them think they’ve been accused of being incompetent.