Daily Archives: June 8, 2003

Warm Inside

While I work at the desktop computer, my reduced-mobility husband is in a chair by the window reading the last two chapters of my Great Canadian Novel. Every once in a while, he laughs out loud. Just now, he giggled for a couple of minutes straight.

He may be biased, but it still makes me feel really good.


My husband wrenched his back somehow, so his plans for the day fell apart. To cheer him up, I told him he could take me out to the West Island to dig through second-hand bookstores. He countered with getting home-made ice cream. It was a deal.

I didn’t find any of the out-of-print books that I’m looking for – I’d rather find them around here than buy them second-hand over the Internet – but I did find three mysteries I’ve been reluctant to buy new that are on my to-read list. That plus the peanut butter-chocolate ice cream made it all worthwhile.