Daily Archives: November 4, 2008

Yes, I Worked…

Because if I don’t I get down on myself to do it I think I’m awful and it just perpetuates, making the next round of work even harder. I try to avoid making things harder than they need to be when it comes to getting myself to write. (How long did it take for me to learn this? I’m not completely sure I have learned it yet, to be honest. But at least I say it to myself a lot, which must count for something.)

Swan Sister:
New words today: 1,059
Total word count, Swan Sister: 35,252

I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to work on Swan Sister. The stuff I’ve outlined doesn’t have enough of the detail I need. More spadework before it’s properly ready, I guess. There’s two storylines, and the one I’ve been working on is the less-developed of the two; maybe when I switch to the other tomorrow, as I’d planned, things will be easier.

New words today: 2,154
Total word count, Orchestrated: 32,876

Yup. Took the protagonist’s reason for living away. She’ll survive, of course.

Today’s total: 3,213

… and one pot of burned soup. Yes, after blenderizing it and adding chicken stock and putting it on the lowest of low heats to simmer, I forgot to go back and stir the damn thing after I sat down to work on Orchestrated. So instead of a nicely mellowed soup, I have a thick brown burnt mess. And I just realized that House isn’t going to be on tonight because of the US election coverage. I was really, really looking forward to a night of TV.


Oh Look, It’s Tuesday

I don’t want to keep these roasted vegetables for soup tonight. I want to eat them all right now.

Well, no. I’m not actually hungry. What I really want to do is sit and breathe in the fabulous smell of roasting vegetables all day.

I have just remembered that I don’t have a food processor. I can try to blenderize some of them, but I suspect that might not work too well.


Work? What work? I’ve done five loads of laundry and have baked bread, though. As well as chopped and roasted vegetables.