Daily Archives: November 25, 2008


I have sneaked away from my laptop to come check out what the Internet’s doing behind my back. So far this assignment is going well. It’s a good product, and unless it jumps the shark in the next forty pages I’ll be able to give it a thumbs up and send it along to the correct department after writing up the evaluation tomorrow.

I must absolutely post this, as the crossover between book-lovers and music-lovers among my Gentle Readers is vast: Bookride Provides a List of Literary Rock Band Names. In other words, bands who have taken their names from books in some way, either title or character of phrase or whatnot. Tons of fun. More provided by commenters below the actual post.

ETA @ 2:45: Finished the rough draft of the review at twoish! Huzzah! And then Jan arrived and there is tea and there are scones and things are very good. So all I need to do is polish it and submit it tomorrow. This leaves me lots of time for writing, because I have goals for the month that I want to meet.

PSA For Music-Types

In my zealous search for something that will distract me from my valid and time-sensitive work, I went looking for cello-friendly sheet music for “Gaudete” and “In the Bleak Midwinter.” Because I don’t have enough music to occupy me, evidently. I woke up thinking that “Midwinter” would sound absolutely gorgeous on solo cello, and “Gaudete” popped into my head too, likely as a result of one of the songs on the new Loreena McKennitt album that has the word in it. The version I want, though, is the trad. anon. one covered by Steeleye Span.

Going through regular sheet music purchase sites was useless. Then I found ChristmasCarolMusic.org. Gentle readers, it has just about everything you can think of in almost any arrangement that you might ever want for the season. Lyrics, vocal/melody line, guitar chords, instrumental parts for C, F, Bb, and Eb instruments that all work together… you name it. Everything in public domain, that is, which covers a decent cross-section of traditional Christmas stuff. Including “Gaudete” and “Midwinter.” Bless them.

So there, that is my Good Deed for the day: sharing a link with you.

I really ought to work.


As the cat panic-strickenly told HRH last night, and as the boy told me with great excitement this morning: SNOW!

See, snow now is okay. All the leaves are gone, it’s been bitterly cold, the calendar date is closer to December 1, and there are holiday decorations sneaking into the neighbourhood (although, thanks be to the gods, no one near us has turned them on yet).

So we have an inch-ish of snow on the ground. Although I see now that it is raining, so who knows how long it will stick around. I’d kind of like it to stay.

And I worked in bed last night after reading the boy the first chapter of A Bear Called Paddington.

Harpsichord Dreams:
New words today: 3,522
Total word count, Harpsichord Dreams: 10,302

I really, really wanted to hit 4K as a day’s work or 11K as a full count, but I’d been working for two hours and that after a full day of other work. Also, wow, it’s been a very busy past four days, and I am cumulatively zonked.

Today: my freelance stuff. Jan is stopping by for tea this afternoon, too, which will be a nice break.