Daily Archives: November 18, 2008

Good Grief

That took much, much, much too long. But it’s been handed in. Thank you to those on IM and Facebook who distracted supported me today while I banged my head against this evaluation.

Now I must cello, because there is a concert this weekend and a lesson on Thursday for which I have done no preparation, and there is no one home upstairs so I can make the ugly sounds I am being encouraged to make while I readjust my bow hold and the weight of the bow arm. Resident Fan Club or not, no one should have to listen to ugly sounds while one is attempting to recapture the feeling of gravity at work. And then tomorrow, the copyedits of my own book!

Head Down

Still working furiously. I’m on deadline for a freelance manuscript evaluation today, and now have Bonus Copyedits For The Hearthcraft Book, Due Next Monday!

Yes, my life is exciting. And heavily scheduled. At least I’ve been writing Orchestrated longhand in bed at night. I’ll log my daily word counts when I transcribe them. And my editor sent me the hearthcraft CEM with a note saying that there weren’t many queries to address in the MS, and that the copyeditor said I did a good job. I love hearing that, because damn it, I try hard to turn in a clean product. And it may be my overly OCD work ethic, but I am continually staggered by the number of manuscripts I see turned in by authors who have not spell-checked them or given them a glance to make sure that, oh, the the text is all in the same font and the font size is consistent, and that there are no spacing inconsistencies or margins that jump back and forth. (I am serious.) One of the most important rules in publishing is Make It Look Professional And You’ll Be More Likely To Be Taken Seriously. (Yes, if the content is good enough you will be [mostly] forgiven, but making it easy to see how brilliant the content is makes the content look even more brilliant. Trust me.)

Right. Now that correspondence and news have been done, it’s off to work on the iBook in the living room. Once I’ve handed it in this afternoon I can bill for this month’s work. Hurrah!