Daily Archives: November 6, 2008

Orchestrated Update

It was good to focus. Must flee now to brush my teeth and pack up to head out for the cello lesson.

New words today: 1,439
Total word count, Orchestrated: 36,090

Reconciliation with the best friend, tutoring set up with new guy. Excellent. The plot proceeds apace. I suspect there is a chance meeting coming up with the nemesis.

I fly!

Also, Good Things

Because I should note these things for my records:

Gas is currently priced at 88 point something cents per litre, which is a full fifty cents below the high it hit this past summer. I honestly never thought we’d see it below a dollar again. (The ninety-nine point whatever cents it was sitting at does not truly qualify as under a dollar.)

And today is an incredibly beautiful Indian Summer day, warm and sunny and still. Heavenly. We’ve had highs in the double digits for the past three days.

Oh, let’s add a few more thing to be thankful for and call this a Blessings post:

The bow hold and the leading with the elbow thing last night at orchestra. Look, I can be taught! (The mess I made of the Vivaldi? Not so good. Ditto on the scale runs in the Haydn. But you know, that can be easily remedied by the thing called Practise. I just need to remember that there is Orchestra Stuff to Practise as well as Lesson Stuff.)

Sleep. Sleep is good. So is my son calling “RISE AND SHINE!” from the living room when I’d gone back to bed to snuggle with Nixie and, erm, had fallen fast asleep again. Oops. Extra sleep, kitten cuddles, a conscientious son. All good things.

There was no one on the roads this morning. No one. I wonder where everyone was.

Did groceries, got lots of meat and such for a decent price. Treated myself to a bag of chips.

Now, to work.

Doctor’s Report

Yay, I am doing just fine, thank you! So fine that we’re going to try lowering the dosage of the fibro meds again.

Also, those headaches? The ones in the front are almost certainly sinus headaches, due to congestion. “But I’m not congested,” I said. “You are,” she said with a smile, “I can hear it in your voice. Congested sinuses have nothing to do with breathing. Your voice sounds different because it usually resonates in the sinus chambers, which are more full than they should be. You’re allergic to a lot of stuff. This time of year there’s still a lot of ragweed and leaf mold and it won’t go away until we’ve got a good blanket of snow on the ground. Take an allergy pill in the morning and see if it gets better.”

Oh. Huh. Right. I forgot about that allergy thing. And the headaches at the back on the right? I figured they were tension headaches, and she nodded. “Do you do a lot of computer work?” she asked and then kind of laughed because she remembered that it’s pretty much all I do. And then something occurred to me. “I just started cello lessons again, and my teacher has me…” I sat forward and positioned my shoulders and bow arm properly, and immediately felt the muscle just behind my right shoulder aching a bit as it settled into the place we’re training it to go. “Aaaaaand…. it’s right there. Never mind, I just figured it out.” We laughed again. Nice to recognize what’s going on in one’s own body. Good thing I hadn’t made the appointment just for that. Also good to know that once the muscles are used to the new position the headaches will fade away.

I’ve got a flu shot scheduled this Saturday with the boy, too.

Now to go get myself an allergy pill, make lunch, and maybe write for an hour before I have to get ready for my lesson. And this time, I will be Mentally and Emotionally Prepared for traffic. I will take the 40 est and the 13 sud come what may instead of avoiding them, and stay on the damn highway 20 est until the St-Pierre exit, since experience has shown me that going around the other way (Lakeshore into LaSalle) is just as congested with traffic and construction. I will make sure to have very good music in the car’s CD player. The rice has already been made for supper, and the pork tenderloin is slow-cooking with barbecue sauce. The caregiver has reassured me that a few minutes late isn’t a huge deal. I’m good.