Daily Archives: November 7, 2008

Orchestrated Update

New words today: 2,007
Total word count, Orchestrated: 38,150

Oh. Look at that. One of the major plot points just happened. Was not expecting that, but the timing was right, so.

At the risk of repeating myself, it felt good to focus. Of course, yesterday I did it in a two-hour window. Today it took six hours of dragging around and making false starts before finally looking at the clock and saying to myself, Damn it, I want to get *something* done before the boys get home.

So of course it involved frantic research as soon as I realized the plot point was happening before I’d consciously expected it to, and I needed the character to deliver medical info to the protagonist. Yay for HRH handling the bath tonight.

Now I have to go read to the boy. Goodbye, internets. Be good over the weekend.


Not that my weeks are such that Fridays are any better or worse than the other days, but old habits die hard.

Cello lesson went well. I’m definitely getting a handle on the bow hold, and on how the weight of the bow arm evolves as the bow is drawn across the string in order to maintain an even sound with the same power at the tip as at the frog. Now we’re finessing the elbow leading thing, and left-hand finger movement within the same position as well as properly shifting from first (and second and third and fourth) to fifth. (Because of the body of the cello being in the way, you see. Here is a classic example of How Things Will Be Easier With A 7/8.) And either my teacher is being extremely enthusiastic in order to be encouraging and supportive, or I’m genuinely making progress. I’ll assume the latter and be happy, as there have only been three lessons so far.

There was no traffic on the way home. None. Zero. Either there was some sort of holiday I’m unaware of, or everything was just going right. I ended up not taking the 13 sud, as when I took it north at 3:30 the lines to access the 13 from the 40 est were backed up halfway to blvd. des Sources, and it would only get worse as rush hour progressed. I ended up taking des Sources sud to the 20 and there wasn’t even a slowdown where the 13 sud joins it. Mysterious.

The barbecue pulled pork was a huge success last night, so huge that I would seriously be considering doing it again tonight if it wasn’t pizza night. And I love my homemade pizza with much love.

So overall it was as good a day as the previous Thursday had been horrible. Very nice indeed.

Today: More writing. What else? This is what work means. I’m taking a couple of weeks off from the freelance evaluation thing; I need to recover and get some serious progress made on my own stuff.

ETA: Spoke too soon; an assignment just landed in my inbox. It’s a second evaluation for a new draft of a manuscript I evaluated earlier this summer, and the first draft was decent, so it shouldn’t be too harrowing.