Daily Archives: April 18, 2008


Gentle readers, the book tentatively titled The Way of the Hearth Witch: The Magic of Hearth and Home is finished.

All chapter numbers have been corrected, both in chapter headings and in the text; all the proper coding and formatting has been inserted; I caught some things that I had to handle; I took some things out, popped others in, and made sure my bibliography actually listed the books I suggested people read. The final word count stands at 60,141. (There are 6,328 words languishing in my file of deleted material, to give you an idea of what’s come out in the past few days.)

Now I will write my cover letter, and send it off to my editor. And then I suspect I’ll wander around the house aimlessly for a couple of hours, because I do not remember what Life Without Book is like.

ETA: I just sent it all off. I love this book again; I no longer hate it. And you know, I don’t think there’s ever been a book I’ve handed in where I wasn’t wibbly about whether they’d like it or not. I am proud of it; that is what matters this time. And I think they’ll like it.