Daily Archives: April 2, 2008


The PDF of the proofs has been returned and are out of my hands, assuming nothing goes wrong and I have to print the pages out and courier them or something. And I handed them in only half an hour past when I wanted them gone. (Also, two and a half days before deadline. Go team me.)

I’m going to get up and walk away, have a drink, and then try to do something with the pile of paper in the folder marked ‘Hearthcraft’ that’s sitting on my writing desk.

Waves Hello

Hello internet-world. There hasn’t been much going on, other than trying to keep up with the same old same old.

I can tell you with great joy and pride that Misspelled, the anthology in which not one but two of my dearest friends have had short stories published, is now available for purchase and consumption. Apparently they have a copy for me as thanks for editing the stories, but I’m going to go out and buy one anyway, because buying stuff your friends have written is cool. Heaven knows enough people have done it for me.

I finally got the new MP3 player yesterday, so I can distract my mind enough to fall asleep promptly again. I loaded it up with the scores I would wear out if they were on cassette or LP, and a bunch of different versions of the Bach solo cello suites. Because I am lame and predictable, that’s why. (My falling-asleep music, my playlists.) I wanted one in blue, but all they had in stock at the time was black and pink. I did not get the pink.

First thing this morning, Sparky trotted into my office to grab the metronome. He wanted to bring it to the potty with him. If I thought it was loud in my office yesterday, it was a hundred times worse in the tiled echo-chamber known as the bathroom.

We had our annual toy-themed vernal equinox ritual led by the inimitable t! Monday night, and it was terrific as always. This one featured a sandbag toss after a snow-melting/spring-coming meditation. Tuesday’s weather was stupefyingly warm, almost seasonal, and scads of snow melted. Sparky, HRH, and I were on the back deck without coats playing in the sun before dinner and HRH said, “Geez, we should have had t! do that ritual weeks ago!”

On Monday I proofread the pregnancy book from the intro through to the end of Chapter Seven. Stetted a bunch of my punctuation edits, left others in (I opted for consistency within the same invocation, as opposed to consistency throughout all invocations. You will never know the difference, gentle readers.), found more errors, changed my mind about others. I even edited my comments (yes! because I need more work!). The proofs will go back today come what may, hopefully by lunch so that I can sit down and go through the printout of the hearthcraft book and start scribbling all over it. Because that deadline is coming ever-closer, and I’m very uncomfortable/unhappy with where things stand. And I’ve been away from it for a week doing the proofs, and there was the Easter trip to see the parental units. Maybe that will help; a bit of distance is usually a good thing.

Bad fibro day so far, though. I can’t feel or control my hands and feet very well. So of course I want fondant Easter eggs and a latte, which will only make things worse with the sugar and caffeine.