Daily Archives: April 4, 2008

Friday Photos

Hurrah! This has been an extraordinarily good mail day. Not only did I get a CD I’d ordered for Liam and the ceramic poetry pendant I’d bought from a handcrafter, but the Fed Ex man just came and gave me the box of the newly redesigned Way of the Green Witch!

Every time I get a box of author’s copies I post a hero shot, and today is no different:

I’m sure Fed Ex guys have seen it all, but this one either truly didn’t notice or tactfully said nothing about the smear of hair dye on my jawline. Sigh. Figures he’d ring just as I was halfway through.

And as I’ve brought up the topic of my hair, I just have to say that I’ve been loving this cut. I especially love feeling the curls brush the back of my neck when I shake my head. I adore long hair, especially long curly hair, but I’d finally decided it was time to cut it after years and years of long hair. Last year I had four inches cut off in June (which translated to six inches shorter when the curls sproinged post-cut), then two in November, and now another three gone which translates to four and a halfish post-sproing. That’s almost ten inches hacked off in nine months, and no, my hair doesn’t grow very fast at all. I haven’t had hair above the shoulders in years and years. It’s certainly much cheerier and easier to care for. I’ve been asked for photos of my haircut, so here you are:

And a gratuitous Liam/Autumn picture too, taken when we were having so much fun a couple of days ago in the sun:

And, heck, why not, a hero shot of the boy to show off how big he is:

There are your Friday photos. I have no idea of this will become a regular thing; it’s just the second Friday in a row that I’ve posted pictures.

Morning Links

Someone woke up at four-thirty, and I didn’t get back to my bed till five-twenty… and didn’t fall asleep till six-thirty. And then someone woke up again at seven. Did I mention I only got to sleep at one? And that my damn MP3 player was discovered to be dead after only four hours of use so I couldn’t use it to fall asleep?

Needless to say, I am not firing on all cylinders this morning.

We were hoping Sparky would sleep in, so HRH took the bus to work and I’ll be dropping the boy off with the caregiver. If I’d known he was going to wake up at his usual time I’d have told HRH to carry out the usual plan, and stayed in bed. But he was gone before the boy awoke.

Apart from that, here are two links, one amusing, one interesting:

The amusing: Princess Leia’s plea to Kenobi, cast as an e-mail scam:

[…] Our Bank Accounts both Here and Abroad are being Frozen by the Imperial Senate. Furthermore, we are Under Threat of Detention by the Grand Moff for Interrogation about my Father’s Assets and some Vital Documents.

By Virtue of our Position as Civil Servants and Members of the Royal House of Alderaan, we Cannot Regain this Money Under our own Names.

I have therefore been Delegated to look for an Overseas Partner into whose Account we would Transfer the sum of Twenty-Six Million, Four Hundred Thousand Galactic Standard Credits (26,400,000.00) for Safekeeping. Hence we are Sending you this Message in the Memory Systems of This R2 Unit. […]

The interesting: Cellist and teacher Emily Wright talks about the obsession with performing perfectly, and suggests instead that a public performance is a chance to show people where you are at that moment, not your ultimate level of perfection:

Perfection is important in aircraft engines, prescription doses and shark cages. What makes art great is that perfection can actually detract from our visceral enjoyment of it. Vibrato mars pitch, and we love it. Van Gogh skewed his room, and it speaks to something profound inside of us. Gil Shaham’s skittering spiccato bow is thrilling, and he risks everything in each performance, and most of the time, it pays a very precise dividend. But even when a note or two escapes him it is well worth it, because he makes himself so vulnerable to (and is at peace with) the possibility of catastrophe.