Daily Archives: April 16, 2008

The Hat Drama: Resolution

It’s now been a day and a bit since the boy lost his hat. He has asked us dozens of times what happened to it, not because he doesn’t remember, but because he’s making it sure it all happened and learning the story by heart. After yesterday’s nap, we have decided that ducks are going to use it to make a nest.

Last night at the dinner table he said, “My hat fell in the water.”

“Yes, it did.”

“The ducks are going to make a nest in it.”

“That’s right.”

“And they will have sweet dreams in it.”

That part was new, and all his own. HRH and I exchanged startled but touched glances and agreed that yes, any duck who slept in a nest made from his hat would have very sweet dreams indeed. The boy is very satisfied with this, and we are, too. He’s a good-hearted kid.

Eleventh Hour

I just realised that the book is missing a chapter.


No, no, it’s not that I miscounted and in fact have two non-existent chapters to assemble; only Chapter Ten needs the rits and such, which is what I’m working on today. I was scanning the four pages of random notes I’d been typing in at the end of the file when they suddenly clicked for me, and I realised that there really needs to be a separate chapter addressing how one works with a spiritual hearth.

This is not the staggering crisis it may seem. The fourish pages of notes tie together quite nicely, and there were threeish pages in Chapter Two that I’ve just moved into what I’m currently calling Chapter Two Point Five. The material really needs its own focus instead of being shoehorned into Chapter Two. Suddenly things are falling into place, and I’m somewhat relieved because I was always vaguely unhappy with the whole nebulosity of this particular element in the book.

It is, however, a minor crisis in that I now have to smooth out/link/expand another chapter when I thought I was all done but for the final chapter. Chapter Two Point Five has just been scheduled for Friday in place of obsessively scanning the MS.

This is a good thing. It’s not such a good thing in that I’ve just created more work for myself, but the book will be the better for it.