Daily Archives: April 10, 2008

Hearthcraft Book Update

So… close…

There’s one ritual left to write in Chapter Six before I can cross it off my list. One. And my brain just gave up. It’s going to have to stay as [INSERT BRILLIANT RITUAL HERE] until tomorrow. Well, there’s an iffy half-page I may cut out, too. Jury’s still out.


But I handled the whole jigsaw-puzzle/juggling act/non-sequential mess that was Chapter Six very well, and it all works, and I added just about as much as I took out (which was a lot).

Things currently stand thus:

Word count: 55,303
Total page count: 222
The file: I’m on page 133 (minus a one-page brilliant ritual on page 111), AKA the first page of Chapter Seven (which is page 148 of the hard copy)
The hard copy: I’m on page 152, in Chapter Seven

Yes, I’m over halfway through the existing book. I would be more jubilant if Chapter Ten existed, which it doesn’t yet. (It’s spells and such, though, and those are quick to write down which is why I’m leaving them till the end.) I am also rapidly running out of hard copy edits to transfer. I didn’t expect to get this much file work done today.

I may doodle that ritual tonight in my notebook while lying in bed with the MP3 player. Whether that happens or not there will be a hot bath, because I ache all over, damn it.

Lots of work done today. Lots.

Dee Dee Dee…

Best tyop so far today: you may wish to crate a separate shrine for this purpose. Can’t let those shrines run free, oh no. Keep ’em contained. No inter-shrine contact!

I have ZERO focus today. Work is getting done, though. If all goes well I may nail Chapter Five in the file today, and part of Chapter Six as well. I spent a large part of the morning wrestling with how to sequence Chapter Six. I keep rearranging the sections and so far no order makes more sense than any other. Argh.

I’m listening to a broadcast of Beethoven’s ninth symphony, and although I’ve played it I don’t have much memory of it other than visual and atmospheric impressions. Usually when I’ve played something I remember the musical line really well. This one, not. Odd.

I miss Vanilla Coke. Hmm. I do have a finger of vanilla schnaaps left and Coke in which to mix it…

ETA @ 3:40: Chapter Five is finished! The file stands at page 106 (AKA page 118 in the hard copy). Now for the puzzle that is Chapter Six…