Daily Archives: April 17, 2008


… I think I just finished the book.

Not Finished-Finished, as in ‘I can send this off to the editor now’, but finished-finished in that I think it’s all basically there, and I just need to go through it to insert/check formatting code and scan for highlighted areas where I left myself notes to tidy up or explain or insert things.

There are the rough patches and bits where my argument kind of stops and needs a better summing up before moving on to the next topic, but I’ll leave those for the editors to point out. I can always keep looking at it on my end and fix them when the first rewrite comes back. (I am still twitching obsessively to a degree, but it’s only taken me five books to learn that it does not all have to be perfect in the first draft. Mostly perfect is acceptable.)

And then there’s the search for references to chapter numbers that I have to find and correct, thanks to the new chapter 2.5 (soon to be Chapter Three!). The new chapter is only ten pages long, which is about half the size of an average chapter in this book, so I suspect I’ll be asked to move other material into it or create something the editors feel is missing there. Right now I am too fried to look for it, and the other stuff takes precedence.

So yeah: Finished-Finished tomorrow. Wow. After officially beginning in November and living with the subject for five months, I am definitely at the point of the relationship with this book where I need time away. (it’s not you, book, it’s me, please don’t take it personally.)

It has been a very good day.

A Very Good Day So Far, And More To Come

I’m feeling terrific today. It’s sunny and going up to 21 degrees C (woo!). I did a pile of groceries after dropping a cheerful boy off at the caregiver’s, bought myself an Iced Cappuccino on the way home, and sat on the front balcony in the sun to write sixish pages of ritual and new chapter material. Go me! And I did it in a tank top and rolled-up jeans, too; it was that warm and sunny. Evidently I need capris, and soon. Maggie sat in the sun with me, and Cricket complained until I let her out too, at which point she tried to run away from home by jumping to the neighbours’ balcony and down to their front porch. I came inside, put my shoes on, and went out round front to pick her up. She fought me every step of the way home. She wouldn’t last half a day out there, and I told her so, but she wouldn’t listen, the ungrateful thing.

Also in the day’s good news column, I was contacted to reprise my consultant position on a sequel project by the company I did two-ish months of in-house work for last spring. My first thought was, “Yay, I can meet Ceri and Scott regularly for lunch, and do group lunches with like-minded individuals every once in a while!”. My second was, “They liked me, they really liked me!” And the third was, “Yay, excellent and regular income!”. Then I remembered that I was looking forward to being home with the boy again once the book had been handed in and only sending him to daycare two days a week, and I was a bit sad, but work is work. I’ll negotiate working a day at home every couple of weeks. The contract is just a contract and won’t be forever, just another couple of months.

Naturally, because I have just foreseen an influx of money, I have just queried my favourite on-line cello supply store about half a dozen books of sheet music and essays and the associated shipping and handling. I am incorrigible. I am also hoping Shiny New Books will inspire me to practice more. That may be problematic if I’m working full-time. Ah well, books keep.

Now to transcribe all the handwritten material from this morning and see what kind of state Chapter 2.5 is in. And I have more handwritten stuff from last night to insert in the final chapter as well. Hmm. I have piles of paper all over my desk, and I can’t tell what’s what as I used the backs of the printed chapters as scratch paper… except where I used them to expand upon what was on the opposite printed page. This could be interesting.