Daily Archives: June 26, 2007


So that contract that was supposed to begin on June 22 at the latest has been bumped to the end of June. This means that I could have actually applied/bid for another contract elsewhere that began mid-June and went to mid-July or could have ended earlier, depending on if I bid for all or only part of it.

This is the part of freelancing that I detest. When someone makes sure you’re free at a specific time and then the project gets delayed thanks to the third party you’re both waiting on, it’s hard to stay Zen.

Liam and I took the bus out on a trip this morning and he is now the proud owner of a leopard molly, a silver molly, and a black molly. Let’s see if their lifespan is directly proportional to their higher price. Also, I am not allowed to look at birds in shops anymore. They keep falling in love with me, and I keep falling in love with them. I would have walked out with three sun conures and a Quaker parrot today if I’d had the money and the space in which to keep them, and the time to give them the attention they require.