Daily Archives: June 22, 2007

Pandora Update

Total word count, The Moments of Being Pandora: 68,604
New words today: 3,144

One entire chapter done in a full day of writing. See, this is what I can do when I have consecutive days in which to work, instead of a day on and a day off, which requires me to use valuable writing time to get back into the right headspace. Four more to go, plus an in-between and a conclusion. 80K is coming up awfully fast.

I went out this morning and cut a rose off my Alba tea rose bush (which was white last year but a very pale pink this year) plus a handful of blossoming lavender, and put them in my little Caithness vase on my desk The scent is so strong I had to open my window to diffuse it. Great weather, by the way; it can stay not-humid and on the cool side for as long as it likes. It was cool enough to wear socks today.

Busy weekend ahead: HRH and I have plans to catch at least an hour of a museum exhibit tonight, then two engagements tomorrow, then a ritual and a belated father’s day family thing on Sunday.