So that contract that was supposed to begin on June 22 at the latest has been bumped to the end of June. This means that I could have actually applied/bid for another contract elsewhere that began mid-June and went to mid-July or could have ended earlier, depending on if I bid for all or only part of it.

This is the part of freelancing that I detest. When someone makes sure you’re free at a specific time and then the project gets delayed thanks to the third party you’re both waiting on, it’s hard to stay Zen.

Liam and I took the bus out on a trip this morning and he is now the proud owner of a leopard molly, a silver molly, and a black molly. Let’s see if their lifespan is directly proportional to their higher price. Also, I am not allowed to look at birds in shops anymore. They keep falling in love with me, and I keep falling in love with them. I would have walked out with three sun conures and a Quaker parrot today if I’d had the money and the space in which to keep them, and the time to give them the attention they require.

3 thoughts on “Argh

  1. The Walker of Rohan

    I don’t mean to pry, but I seem to recall HRH saying something about goldfish before… I’m assuming those have gone the way of the porcelain portal?
    Thing is, goldfish can’t have a heater, mollies need one, so I hope you picked one up at some point.
    Mollies (and livebearers in general) do better with a little aquarium salt as well, so that would also be a good thing to pick up.
    Livebearer lifespans are fairly short (about a year and a half in general), but the plus side is… you get babies! Lots of them! (provided the parents don’t eat them… put lots of fine leaved plants in there, plastic is fine).
    Keep an eye out around the plants when you’re cleaning, you may start to see some little ones hanging out around there.
    You can get a little “baby pen” to float in the water as well, but leaving them to hide in the plants is better (they grow faster, and the quicker they get out of being bite-sized, the better).
    Just wanted to give you a little info (I’m never sure what info people get when they’re buying fish).
    Let me know if you have any questions (or if you find this intrusive, tell me to leave you the hell alone). :)

  2. Owldaughter Post author

    You’re not prying, and any advice is welcome! Yes, the goldfish have slowly died off overe the past ten months. We figured with the temperature the way it is these days a heater isn’t a necessity for a few months yet (we don’t have a/c and the thermometer on the tank is reading a steady 82). Thanks for the tip on the aquarium salt, too. I grew up with my dad breeding fish so we’re not completely in the dark about livebearers, but the finer points have been lost to time (replaced by trivia such as minor characters in fantasy trilogies and the difference between olive and khaki, as well as various botanical names for cooking herbs). We’re good on plants and hidey-holes; a breeding pen would take up too much room, I think, as it’s only a 9 gallon tank.

    From this I infer that you currently operate in the fish department? I was kind of hoping it was the avian department so I could get better info on Quaker parrots. :)


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