Daily Archives: June 27, 2007

La La La: Free Association Brought To You By Caffeine

I give up. No matter how I try, I can’t get the basic font to change on this template, or get the sidebar to begin below the header space.

Also? Two cappuccinos = bad. Focus? What is focus? La la la!

Have to sort through the basement to find a box to send baby gifts out to new parents, now that I know the baby’s name. And yet I can’t even face that because there’s too much caffeine in my system.

I am very very tired of my doorbell being rung by delivery people asking for the woman downstairs. The conversation always goes something like this:

Today’s Cute Delivery Man: [name of downstairs tenant]?

A: [annoyed sigh] No. She’s downstairs.

TCDM: [checks address on forms] This is [my address]?

A: Yes. But she is at [my address]-A. The bottom doorbell outside.

TCDM: [checks forms again] Oh. She didn’t specify that.

A: She never does.

TCDM: I’m really sorry to have disturbed you.

A: [with sympathy] That’s all right. It’s not your fault. Just please, update your records.

Because I’m sick and tired of being her door attendant, and of the doorbell waking the boy from this nap, or it interrupting my train of thought while working. I’m also tired of being disappointed that I am not getting surprise presents handed to me by mailpersons. I should be getting consolation prizes for being inconvenienced.

HRH and I are heading out to the registration bureau at lunch today, he to do the car thing and I to do the Medicare thing. Because yes, I am an idiot, for when I got both the Medicare renewal form and the driver’s license renewal form in the mail the same week, I looked at the rules on the driver’s license form (“to be done in the ten days before your birthday”) and somehow applied them to the Medicare renewal as well. Except when I looked at that form today, it said DEADLINE = MAY 13, which is not in fact within the next ten days at all but somewhere in the far distant past. So let’s just all hope that nothing happens that would require the use of my Medicare card in the next eight weeks. (I seem to remember this happening to other people and the card actually arriving within three weeks, so my fingers are crossed. I hope I don’t get a snarky teller at the bureau, though, or so help me, all my irritation at the downstairs tenant will burst forth.)

Too hot; too humid. The forecast assures me the general temperature will be dropping within the next two days to about ten degrees cooler.

In the past two days I have read For A Few Demons More (thanks Blade), Fly By Night, and Hat Full of Sky (which you may borrow if you like, Jan, as you enjoyed Wee Free Men so much). I’m not sure how I managed all of it, but I did.