Daily Archives: June 8, 2007

The Guest List

ME: Liam, who is coming to your birthday party on Sunday?

LIAM: Heeeee. (Goofy grin.)

ME: Is…. Devon coming?

LIAM: (shouts) Devy!

ME: Is… Elspeth coming?

LIAM: (shouts) Elsie!

ME: Is Ainsley coming?

LIAM: (firmly) No.

ME: I think she is. Matthieu and Samuel?

LIAM: (firmly) No.

ME: Yes they are! Is…

LIAM (softly): Teeeeeeela. (Shy smile.)

ME: Yes!

LIAM (shouts): And AR-TUR!

[Liam rampages off.]

If we ask him who’s coming and he’s in the mood to answer right away, we get the “AR-TUR!” response and only that response before he runs off to rampage through the living room. We are amused.

(And Does It Matter?)

There’s an interesting essay on the reading order of the Chronicles of Narnia here. I read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardobe first when I was eight or nine, then I realised there was a whole series so I went back and read them all in chronological order (because, like Mousme, I am mildly OCD about that sort of thing although I am slightly better now that I am a few decades older). But the points the essay makes about the reading experience if the books are read in publication order are interesting. After the first couple of times I read them singly and out of order according to my whim of the moment, although two summers ago I did read the entire series chronologically again. Both experiences are valid, simply different, as the author points out.