Daily Archives: June 1, 2007

Meer, Meer, Meer

I just spent half an hour moaning for various reasons at Ceri, who gave me pats and made me laugh. She also gave me the thumbs-up for my interview when I asked her to read it, having reached the unrewarding poking-at-it-with-a-sharp-stick stage where I couldn’t see if it was making sense or not. So now it’s off to the editor of the e-zine.

And Ceri just logged back in on her way out to lunch (which I am missing, meer meer meer) to send me over to this LOLcatz poetry thread over at Making Light. Do not miss the Pride & Prejudice summary, or the Iliad, or the text-based Inferno (and the sequel).


I’m currently polishing the interview to send it out by noon. I have been industrious this morning – the dishwasher has been loaded and turned on, I’ve done a load of laundry, and I finished cleaning out the mp3 doubles on my hard drive. It’s lunch out day, and there are a couple of milestones among the lunch crowd to celebrate as well as books and CDs to pass along/back. But my system’s been collywobbly for the past two days; I’m still not better this morning and I can’t think of a single lunch spot in that area that would be kind to me. It’s been a hard week in a variety of ways, starting with the headaches and anxiety attacks on Monday (the latter making a comeback after a long absence and rooted, I think, in the fact that for the first time in months, I am free to sit down and write fiction again, but have no idea which project of the five in progress to focus on) and not exactly going downhill from there, but certainly not getting any better. At least I’ve had decent sleep the past two nights, which is a refreshing change.

Construction has hit not only my neighbourhood, but every single main artery I take to various places.

I forgot to say “white rabbits” this morning.

And one month till the annual chamber orchestra Canada Day concert!