Daily Archives: June 21, 2007

Pandora Update

Total word count, The Moments of Being Pandora: 65,460
New words today: 1,898

Today’s research included algal blooms (AKA phytoplankton explosions), botany, plant genetics, environmental sciences, the Royal Society, Nicolas Culpeper, Robert Hooke, and Charles II. (Seriously.) Now I know a little more about this new character, and what his background is like, and ta-da, one of the HOWS I’ve been trying to nail down. Which in turn nails down the Not Deliberate Evil Just The Result Of A Chance Event/Action (which occurred three centuries ago) path for the novel’s plot to follow.

Unguided evil; evil that has evolved on its own. Societal/environmental. Lovely. No real enemy to fight. How the hell are they going to succeed?


One of the problems with writing a character who is a tech/computer whiz is that I have no idea how she does the things she does. And inevitably someone asks her. Usually it’s my protagonist, who should know better by now because all she does is look him in the eye and say, “If I explained it you wouldn’t understand anyhow, so why don’t we just say I did and you’re awed by the magnitude of my talent, and we’ll move on?”

I love Pandora, I really do.

But it doesn’t help that since she started working with tech-focused fae, together they’ve merged computer science and magic and now what she does is even more of a mystery to me. My protagonist and I just take it in stride. We have to. If we think about it too long we grow afraid of the opportunity for world domination, which would sidetrack the story.

Blessed Solstice

This is the poem I read every Summer Solstice. And I should probably read it when I’m down and depressed and throughout the winter, because it’s life-affirming in so many ways. You don’t need to see the sun to feel its power. I forget that a lot. Not because I don’t know that it’s there, just that the sensation of sunlight on skin is such a physical presence that when it’s overcast my psyche feels cloudy, too. My subconscious just needs a gentle reminder of the sun’s energy now and again.

Hail to Sunna
– by Kvedulf Gundarsson, from Teutonic Magic

Hail to Sunna / shining in rising
Hail the burning / bringer of day.
Dawn-breaking light / is life of the earth.
Whirls the sun-wheel ever onwards.
Hail to thee in the dawn!

Hail to Sunna / shining in brightness
Hail in holy / heavens of day
Mid-day light shining / is life of the earth.
Whirls the sun-wheel ever onwards
Hail to thee in the day!

Hail to Sunna / shining in setting
Hail in darkening / death of the day
Evening’s red light / blood and fire of life.
Whirls the sun-wheel ever onwards
Hail to thee in the evening!

Hail to Sunna / shining in darkness
Hail to thee / in night’s blackest hour
Shroud of dark water / and earth hides thy shining
Whirls the sun-wheel ever onwards,
Hail to thee in the night!

(The virgules [known colloquially as ‘forward slashes’] indicate a larger space separating the halves of each phrase in the first three lines of each stanza. I can’t get my formatting to reflect spaces properly. You’ll just have to imagine them to obtain the proper effect.)