Pandora Update

Total word count, The Moments of Being Pandora: 65,460
New words today: 1,898

Today’s research included algal blooms (AKA phytoplankton explosions), botany, plant genetics, environmental sciences, the Royal Society, Nicolas Culpeper, Robert Hooke, and Charles II. (Seriously.) Now I know a little more about this new character, and what his background is like, and ta-da, one of the HOWS I’ve been trying to nail down. Which in turn nails down the Not Deliberate Evil Just The Result Of A Chance Event/Action (which occurred three centuries ago) path for the novel’s plot to follow.

Unguided evil; evil that has evolved on its own. Societal/environmental. Lovely. No real enemy to fight. How the hell are they going to succeed?

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