The Guest List

ME: Liam, who is coming to your birthday party on Sunday?

LIAM: Heeeee. (Goofy grin.)

ME: Is…. Devon coming?

LIAM: (shouts) Devy!

ME: Is… Elspeth coming?

LIAM: (shouts) Elsie!

ME: Is Ainsley coming?

LIAM: (firmly) No.

ME: I think she is. Matthieu and Samuel?

LIAM: (firmly) No.

ME: Yes they are! Is…

LIAM (softly): Teeeeeeela. (Shy smile.)

ME: Yes!

LIAM (shouts): And AR-TUR!

[Liam rampages off.]

If we ask him who’s coming and he’s in the mood to answer right away, we get the “AR-TUR!” response and only that response before he runs off to rampage through the living room. We are amused.

4 thoughts on “The Guest List

  1. Forthright

    Hee hee! We were talking about the party earlier on, at which time Arthur began to insist that we go right now. Someday he will learn the meaning of ‘tomorrow’ … but not today.

  2. Karine

    I caved and got tickets to the Thomas thing for tomorrow today — Just Matthieu and I will be going to the 11 AM show, and then we’ll come home to pick up Samuel and make our way to your place. After I purchased the tickets, Matthieu strode off to the front hall, put on his backpack and asked me, “Maman, toi prête?”
    “Voir Thomas? Voir Thomas et Liam? Avec moi?”
    “Non, Matthieu. Demain. Après ton dodo ce soir, on va aller voir Thomas et après on va voir Liam pour sa fête.”
    He then looked over my shoulder at his dad in the dining room. “Daddy, I go see Thomas and Liam!”
    “Tomorrow, Matthieu.”
    “No, Daddy!” he said, quite firmly. “I go see Thomas! Okay?!”

    So, um, yeah. He asked again several times if we wer going now. The whole “tomorrow” thing… it’s a concept that’s still a bit out of his grasp.

  3. Owldaughter Post author

    Well hey, a party — that’s not the kind of thing any of us like to wait for. Fun? Later? No — bring on the party now, I say! Now!

    When we met Curtana at the store today we asked Liam who was coming to his birthday to demonstrate the “AR-TUR!” response, but he just said, “Buzz? Buzz later?” while looking around. We’d interrupted his viewing of Toy Story 2 for a nap then the outing, you see.

  4. Paze

    I would love to tell you all that kids grow out of that instant gratification kick, but. . .no. Devon certainly understands the concept of “not yet” and “next week” and even “not *this* Sunday but the *following* Sunday”, but has nonetheless been wanting “to go to Liam’s birthday party *right* *now*” since we told her about the invite last week.

    [le sigh]


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