Daily Archives: June 9, 2006

First Birthday Party Countdown Part Deux

My tongue is fuzzy from licking icing with food colouring in it off my fingers.

It’s not going to win any awards, but I’ve had fun. My soundtrack of the night was provided by Invisible, so I take no responsibility for the somewhat zombie-looking carrots on the carrot cupcakes.

Why am I not doing any of this tomorrow morning? Because I have band practice, that’s why, and there’s no way I’m missing it because ai731 finished writing the music to her song today, lyric melody and all, and we get to test-drive it tomorrow!

Liam helped.

Okay, he didn’t. But he certainly enjoyed the music she played.

First Birthday Party Countdown

Someday I will learn to space things correctly on a baking sheet. I need to cut the cookies apart with a knife. The cheese biscuits melted into general lacy stick shapes.

Everything tastes incredible, however. (The carrot cakes: I hate carrot cake. But these? I could eat the entire double batch on my own. And those cheese biscuits, despite not having enough flour, are like crack. I had to put them in a container in order to get them out of sight or HRH and I would have eaten the entire yield.)

Now for the final batch of cupcakes, and then, we ice all the sweet stuff! Hurrah!

(I am mildly insane, but still enjoying myself. I’d be enjoying myself a lot more if my throat wasn’t raw and sore, and my head wasn’t aching so much.)


One year ago today I had my first ride in an ambulance, transferring me from our local hospital to the specialty hospital. I was also told one year ago today that I was about to spend the next nine weeks in a hospital bed.

Yeah, right.