Daily Archives: June 13, 2006

Leaps And Bounds

New word from Liam this evening: “Ni-ni,” said while waving to his Da as HRH backed out of the room in order to allow Liam to nurse before going to bed.

Today also saw Liam plunging gung-ho into the sorting/putting-things-in-other-things phase. It was mildly surreal to watch him go. Got a block and a cup? Block goes in the cup. Got a bowl and a small ball? Ball goes in the bowl. Got a pile of small blocks and the shape sorter? All the blocks go into various holes in the shape sorter. (Not that these blocks have anything to do with the sorter; they’re just small enough to fit through all the different holes. But if he has the shapes, he can sort those too.)

He also developed his own game of putting a block on the bottom of an overturned container, then covering it with the top of the container, removing the top and placing another block on the surface, covering it again, and so on.

If I weren’t so tired I’d be even more excited about the huge changes that seem to be arriving daily.