Daily Archives: June 22, 2006

Concert News And More

This has been one of those days where you feel like it was a bad day but can’t really put your finger on why. There were things that kept it from being good, but nothing that made it bad, really. Liam was out of sorts too.

Breaking concert news: Yes, there are only eight days until the Lakeshore Chamber Orchestra Canada Day concert! Go put another star on your calendar so you don’t forget! No, actually I’m just here to tell you that the time has been confirmed, and everything will begin at 20h00.

We have an encore prepared should everything go supremely well. I don’t know if we’ll be able to play it after two hours of intense music. I think, honestly, that after we pull off the kick-ass final piece on the program, our bows will fall from limp hands. Wednesday night’s rehearsal saw me aceing the stuff I’d been messing up till then, and messing up other stuff I could play before. After a night like that I never know if I should be impressed or find something blunt with which to bludgeon myself.

I got an email from a fellow Daughter of the Flame today telling me how much she’d enjoyed my books. I didn’t realise how much I needed to hear something like that. Every now and again I get an unsolicited email from a stranger sharing this with me, and it surprises me every single time.

Writing tomorrow. A date with an old friend who still hasn’t met Liam on Saturday. Band on Sunday this weekend. Two Solstice rituals, one on Sunday, the other on Monday. I wish I had more energy to look forward to it all, let alone work up the energy to do it.

Filters At Half-Mast

We here at Crown Prince Central are sad to report that there are no fish left alive. The second new fish passed on to the great Aquarium In The Sky last night; this morning, the third and final new fish was found immobile under a plastic plant.

The authorities wish tend their sincere condolences, etc, etc.

All equipment will be boiled to death before we get a new set of fishy slaves for the Prince’s entertainment.

He yet waves at the dark, still aquarium and says, “Hi fisssssssh,” a fitting memorial to those who gave their tiny lives in the pursuit of happiness for a little boy.