Daily Archives: June 6, 2006

Wish List

I’m open to gifts any time. Really. Just-because gifts can be even more special than birthday gifts, or Yule gifts, or name-day gifts. There aren’t enough holidays to use as excuses to gift people, in my humble opinion.

Most of my wish list goes out of date pretty quickly as things are added and dropped, so I’ll direct you to the up-to-date wish list under A. Murphy-Hiscock on Amazon.ca. Please use it primarily as a shopping reference; support independent shops as much as you can. They’ll be happy to special order something for you if they don’t carry it regularly. To avoid redoing hard code (i.e. in the interest of keeping my sanity), I have decided to only list this little bit of non-book/music/film related material here below.

I’m not picky; secondhand in decent shape is fine. Gift certificates to Indigo, HMV (any book shop or music shop is fine) and so forth are all equally welcome. Gift certificates to Cellos@go.com to help buy things like cello strings and accessories are great too. My local luthier is Wilder & Davis.


A high-quality set of kitchen pots and pans such as Paderno or Lagostina
A stand mixer (such as this Kitchenaid model, but any brand would do)

And in case you think I’m materialistic, and measure love by presents… you’re wrong. I just love getting mail, and opening packages. And reading books. So sue me.

Birthday-Associated Fun

1) Liam has a swingset, as of this past Sunday. He helped his grandpa and HRH put it together. Pictures to follow when I get around to it.

2) Liam has a sandbox, as of yesterday. Naturally, he is very interested in eating the sand, much more so than playing with his sand toys.

3) Liam has a seventh tooth, as of this morning. Finally, one of the four that have been lurking and being general pains over the past six weeks has made an appearance, and it’s about time. He also got his first pair of sandals today.

ETA: Okay, I got around to the pictures.

Liam supervises the final touches on the swingset:

Liam’s first time in the sandbox:

Swan Sister Update

Today was the first day in the new writing schedule, and look:

Total word count, Swan Sister: 8,771
Total words today: 853

I started to write at 8:20. Liam woke up at 9:00, effectively ending the session. But before I stopped I’d managed to successfully kill off the title character, as set forth in my outline. So that’s the proposal done, and the death done. I can check two major things off my list, and the story can continue to advance. I’m really settling into the style more comfortably too, which is a relief after having it dissolve through the typed words like mist whenever I thought I’d hit it.

Mind you, today’s success may have had something to do with how long I was awake before I sat down to write. I woke up at 5:30 AM, thanks to a wretched cold that has ambushed me and taken my sinuses and my throat hostage. So I was very awake, and had been for some time, and had had time to think about how to handle the scene (plus draw a map to clear up what was where, which had to be done as well). We’ll see if it all still works when I sleep in till sevenish like I usually do.

But establishing a writing schedule again is a Good Thing, not just for my creative sanity but because it looks like I’m dusting off and rewriting the old spellcrafting through the seasons proposal that was “nice but not now” when I originally did it a couple of years back, as well as drawing up an idea for a series (not all by me, of course, but I’d like to do one title for it). It’s so very nice to be asked, “What do you feel like writing?”