Daily Archives: June 7, 2006

Back Into The Swing

Today I felt like I was racing to get nowhere. I hate those kind of days.

I spent the last three hours working, yes, honest to goodness working. I updated that proposal and sent it off (according to my notes I last submitted it in August of 2004 — yikes), and tried to write two more.

And wow, did it ever hurt. I’m so out of practice. Even looking at my old ones, I floundered for ideas and wrote in a stilted, rusty, hollow-sounding fashion instead of the exciting and dynamic style required. A proposal is part outline, part marketing selling tool, and the marketing bit has totally flown away from me over the past two years. My brain hurt (no, really, I needed to take Tylenol), and I wasn’t looking forward to orchestra.

Imagine my surprise when I was called at six to be told that orchestra was cancelled, as our rehearsal venue is unavailable and no one told us ahead of time. This is bad, because we only have a few rehearsals left before July 1, but also a relief, because as a result of struggling with proposals I’m nowhere near the headspace orchestra requires. So because I didn’t get a chance to go out and pick up a few things this afternoon (the proposals took twice as long as I’d expected them to — ah, optimism), I’m heading out now instead.

Swan Sister Update

Total word count, Swan Sister: 10,971
Total words today: 2,196

I started writing around 8:25, and finished at 9:25. This word yield would have been halved if HRH hadn’t been here to get Liam when he woke up earlier than expected from his nap. Mind you, it wouldn’t have been a problem if HRH hadn’t been here, because it was his voice that woke Liam up. However! As an apology he gave me an extra half-hour to write, and thus the aftermath of the death has been dealt with, and we have had the second proposal, and things are moving right along. I think there’s only another eight pages or so to wrap up this section before I shift into part two with a new protagonist, new setting, and new problems.