Daily Archives: June 12, 2006


Tired, ill, and scheduled six ways from Sunday, so this will be brief:

Family lunch on Sunday? Awesome. Presents all a hit. Liam ate salmon and orzo salad for dinner like the rest of us, and a cupcake of his own for dessert. Pictures eventually.

Liam has another new tooth, for a total of eight.

Reading Charles de Lint’s Widdershins. Good, but I can understand why he didn’t want to write it, because to finish Jilly’s story means putting her though even more crap that’s not fun to read and was probably not fun to write.

I have consultant stuff to do and proposals to finish, and a toddler who doesn’t want to play by himself, which means work I’ve already been paid for and work I don’t get paid for unless the proposal is accepted and no time in which to do it.

The Quebec government hasn’t clued into the fact that we filed taxes for 2004. Duh. The federal government has, and did so long ago. Get with the program, people.

Coven tonight, and despite my best efforts the work that was supposed to be done for this evening is only three-quarters finished (see above about the time thing). I am irritated about this, because I hate letting people down.

Now it is dinnertime. That is all.