Daily Archives: May 7, 2002


The Witch ≠ User of Technology rule that governs my life strikes again. I tried to connect to the Internet with my laptop and naturally, I’m getting modem errors. This happened last time I changed computers, and when I changed ISPs too.

There’s an oddball theory that runs around which I trip across every once in a while that suggests people who use energy in other ways have difficulty matching their energy to the kind of energies we use in our modern households. This includes things like lightbulbs, toaster ovens, VCRs, and computers.

For some people (read: technopagans) that’s patently ridiculous. For others (read: my husband), it’s not so far off the mark. He can’t even wear a watch without killing it. (Come to think of it, neither can my mother.) It’s got to be something about the electromagnetic field that everyone has (which is simply a product of being a biological machine); exactly what, though, I have no clue.

None of which explains my ability to use computers pretty decently, just not when it comes to connecting to the World Wide Web.

If anyone makes a crack about all things within the universe being a part of the Web anyway, I’ll deck ’em.


There is no chocolate in this house.

This is a bad thing.

Oh sure, when I go shopping I say, “No, if I have chocolate in the house, I’ll eat it. By not purchasing chocolate, I shall cleverly avoid its consumption.”

Which is all well and good, except on those days when you really would like a bit of chocolate, and have none, and slowly go stir crazy, because damn it, you’re not going to break down and walk across the street to the depanneur.