Daily Archives: May 19, 2002


Ha! I go away for the weekend, I blog.

Aren’t you lucky.

I am feeling rather flopsy. Flopsy, other than being the brains of the Rabbit Sisters operation, is the word I use to describe that state where your mind is sharp, but your body is oddly, well, floppy. It’s listless, it’s got no power, you can’t hold a pencil and make any sort of marks that resemble adult writing.

I think it’s because I’m not hungry. Not hungry means not eating much. Some fish here. A salad there. No snacking. (This last is very odd, since my mother made those spice cookies which emphatically fail to suck, as well as having a stash of my favourite Peek Freans Bourbon Cremes. I have no idea where she managed to find them.) What I have been craving, however, is hot beverages. Hot beverages usually mean tea and cappuccino.

I see a correlation. Or a cause-effect relationship here. Caffeine. Not enough solid food to balance it. Enough sleep to be coherent, though.

Hmm. Flopsy.