Daily Archives: May 16, 2002


Vanilla Coke was launched yesterday! The world is a better place!

Star Wars: Episode Two will be released tonight! (I highly doubt it will make the world a better place, but I’ll get two hours of entertainment out of it at least.)


I got a fifty-cent piece from the post office this morning. As change.

Why wasn’t I informed that the mint was reissuing fifty-cent coins? For circulation, not collecting? Apparently they were released this morning, and the post office, being a crown corp, got rolls to start using right away. It’s about the size of a looney, thin like a quarter, and I think it’s in honour of the Queen’s Jubilee since it says 1952-2002 on it and has our national coat of arms on the back with that lovely Latin motto “From sea to shining sea”. Don’t get me wrong; I like the half-dollar idea, always have. I still have a couple from when they dropped them from circulation (about twenty-five years ago now, I think?). A half-dollar makes more sense as a denomination than a nickel, for example. It’s just… well, don’t we have enough coins? We could always drop the nickel, I guess. (Just stand back when the rabid beavers mount a counter-attack…)


I submitted my applications for the fall semester at Dawson on Tuesday.

Now I�m all churned up again about �Will they like me?� and �What will I do if I�m called for an interview?� and �What will I do if I don�t get called for an interview?�. I checked the contract dates for the summer job postings again; they start in mid to late June, so I might still get a call. The fall semester begins the third week of August, with the deadline for submitting applications being tomorrow, so who can say when those interviews will be conducted?

I want this job. A lot. I need a severe change. I require mental stimulation again. I can feel my spirit straining to return to the academic world once more.

Then I read Ceri�s post on her union being broken.

Teachers are unionized. I�ve never been a part of a union before. I�m one of those people who believes that teachers and nurses don�t get paid enough. Would I stand up for that belief? I�ve never had to test myself like that before.

For those of you keeping track: MLG fixed my laptop�s modem. What would I do without him? (Other than lack for a serious SW dealer and someone to look at me somewhat sternly yet invitingly and say, “You know that if you ever need to talk…”)