Daily Archives: May 18, 2002


Well, here I am in variably cloudy Oakville, laptop connected to the Net by roaming function. I’m so impressed with myself. For those of you who know the horrible weather record we’ve racked up in our drives to Toronto, know ye this: it actually didn’t rain. Plus we got a spectacular sunset, sandwiched between the lowering evil clouds and the trees. And I saw the crescent moon, behind a veiling of cloud, attended by three stars.

One of my biggest pet peeves: people who say they’ll do something or address a problem, and don’t. Or who take forever to do it. In my books, if you can’t do it, don’t offer, or don’t agree to it in the first place, no matter how cool it is, or how much you need the money, or how much someone needs your help. If it’s not going to get done, don’t say you’re going to do it. It means that (a) you have to be honest with yourself about your time and your abilities, and (b) be honest with others, maybe let them down, but better that then let them down in the long run after a promise they’ve been counting on.

I hate being lied to. I hate being let down. It means that my trust in someone gets eroded bit every time. I know how hard it is to say no to someone (oh yes, I know), but I’d rather be told no and do it myself then be told “sure!” and think that it’s being taken care of, only to find out that I have to stop the rest of my life and address it anyway when someone else has dropped the ball. It’s even worse when it involves someone you trusted deeply. The more it happens, the less you trust. The rust begins to spider its way through the rest of your life, your walls and flying buttresses weaken, and eventually you trust no one and become very bitter.

I’m trying very, very hard to not be bitter.