Daily Archives: May 6, 2002

Birthday List

Things I want for my birthday:

– A good music stand. One with a solid table so when I go to write something on my music it doesn’t bend and slip off. It still needs to be relatively portable, though, so nothing that weighs a ton.
– A new cello bag. Preferable one with backpack straps as well as handles. It’ll need to be waterproof, and have at least 10 or 15 mm of padding. They’re about $100. The bag I have has been well-used for eight years by me and who knows how long before that, and is wearing through. I don’t want it to rip when it shouldn’t (like when I’m carrying it on a bus).

I’ve made an interesting discovery. A few years ago when I replaced the bow that originally came with my cello, I found that it was a 3/4 size. Looking at all the bags that other people use for their cellos at orchestra, I think my bag is a 3/4 size as well, because it barely fits my 4/4 instrument, and a full-size bow won’t fit in the bow pocket and still allow the top flap to fold over.

Just thinking, that’s all.

Editor’s note: No, you haven’t missed her birthday. She’s simply giving you a couple of months advance warning. Isn’t she sweet?


Okay, I’m officially shpooked – again.

I just turned on the radio for the first time today and they’re playing Beethoven’s first symphony. The second movement, where I stopped practicing a little while ago.

What is the universe trying to tell me?

And they’re rampaging through the minuet and trio. Egads. This is an amazing recording!


Well, well, well.

I remember this feeling. I think it’s called “having fun in life”.

MLG not only (a) handed me a laptop with the words “Happy Birthday” on Saturday, he also (b) reminded me that I have a finished novel tucked away somewhere, and (c) by complete dumb luck managed to link some dreams I’ve been having recently with some short stories and scenes I’d scribbled down a few years ago. I spent most of yesterday loading the chapters of my book onto the new laptop, re-reading some old short fiction, and generally being impressed with myself. It takes a lot to impress me with my own work; I’m a really tough critic.

So I have all this creative writing, some ideas ready to be worked on, and a laptop. Hmm. One plus one plus one equals…

He also pointed out to me that sitting down to practice the cello is just a matter of self-discipline. Now, I’ve already been working on the self-discipline thing, doing meditation and devotions in the mornings which take up about forty minutes. That plus washing up, dressing, and breakfast (yes, I know, what a novel concept) pretty much cover my two hours of being up before I leave, but maybe I can squeeze in half an hour of practice on one particular bit of music, like the irritating staccato runs in the opening movement of Beethoven’s first symphony.

Friends like this are good to have. They prove to you that you’ve accomplished some pretty terrific stuff in your lifetime, that you’re not as much of a loser as you thought you were, and that life is pretty good.

In addition, I’ve made a pact with a friend: when our tax returns come in, we’ll buy inexpensive bows to begin some archery exercise with. Once or twice a week, nice and early in the morning, we’ll meet down at the football field and work on shooting straight. Maybe by the end of the summer we can think about using targets.

Fun stuff. Not just work. Work was pretty much taking up all the important time I had. Now, what with this application for the teaching positions (no, nothing yet), I’m starting to shift focus to other things. Things that make me happy, as opposed to taking up my time because they have to. And I refuse to obsess about scheduling. Scheduling fun time defeats the purpose.