Daily Archives: June 18, 2010

Friday Activity Log

This is a bad fibro day. I didn’t sleep well for a variety of reasons (most of them being in the last two hours of the night, which ruins a whole night’s sleep for me), and I suspect cuddling a three-month-old yesterday, contorting my body to support him and be a comfy bed while in a waiting room chair, did nothing for my posture. I woke up super achy, and have become increasingly dizzy. So today’s work got rescheduled till Monday (the deadline’s next week, thank goodness), and I did fibro-friendlier stuff instead.

– answered e-mail
– finished polishing the baby naming ceremony I’m doing on Saturday
– final communication and details with the mum involved in the baby naming
– showered, washed hair (and, no surprise, wiped myself out)
– laundry
– yogaed
– wove on the baby blanket some more

The boys are due home in about forty-five minutes. We are going out to get ice cream, then off to a Surprise, AKA Toy Story 3 at the theatre. Let’s see if I can set the timer on the pizza dough properly today.