Daily Archives: June 9, 2010

Wednesday Log

We suffered another crushing disappointment today, the second in two weeks (and much worse than the first), so yeah, not so much with the productivity. I wish I had more energy to deal with the waves that life’s throwing at us.

In the meantime, today I:

– updated househunt spreadsheet
– researched more houses
– beta-read awesome spy story
– wove a bunch of blanket (didn’t measure, but it was at least a foot)
– scoured the oven (like scrubbing the bathtub, this knocked me out for a couple of hours)
– spun the rest of Jan’s fibre (I will ply it later this week)
– practised
– put aside the new freelance assignment till tomorrow, because I was in no way capable to wrapping my mind around it

The honeysuckle is just beginning to blossom, and the clematis is a day or so behind it. And the buds on my rosebushes are starting to open, too. The backyard is going to be spectacular for the boy’s birthday.

In an effort to cheer myself up I dragged the spinning wheel outside, changed into a halter top and my short jean skirt, and spun on the back porch in the sun while listening to my iPod. It was nice. Except now one of my arms and shoulders is sunburned, while the other is not.

I pulled my wooden cello bow out yesterday, the one with the cracked frog that I retired because I was afraid it was going to break. I’ve been using the fibreglass one that came with the 7/8 instead. I played with it all afternoon and really liked the feel of it; everything was easier. Then on a whim I pulled out the scale I bought to weigh fibre, and holy cow: my wooden one weighs 71 grams, while my fibreglass one weighs a whopping 83 grams. I used my fibreglass one today and it felt like I was sawing at the cello; I switched to the wooden one at the end and it danced. So I’m taking the wooden one out of retirement, and I intend to use it until the frog disintegrates.