Monthly Archives: June 2010

Tuesday Activity Log

Today, I:

– wrote a blog post about yesterday’s writing
– made a hair appointment
– handled an electronic agenda crisis (my iPod Touch ATE MY APP and all the data I’d input in it over the past six months, sob)
– wrote two-thirds of the interview (hello, four solid hours of work)
– uploaded the steampunk cello scene to Cate (only a month after I wrote it, good grief)
– talked with real estate agent (I am very tired of all this — the process and the contracts and the legal deadlines, not our agent, who is brilliant in every way)
– planned some more of the trip (just wee bits left over from yesterday’s huge session)
– made Rice Krispie squares
– wrote about 1,000 words longhand

In Which She Blinks In Astonishment

I edited yesterday’s activity log to reflect the writing I did before I shut down the computer before supper, because while twenty-one hundred words was once upon a time a regular daily output for me, I haven’t really been writing for the past year due to a variety of reasons. Accordingly, I felt it was worth recording for myself. I’ve done a couple of brief scenes this last month, but nothing major.

Well, after I put the boy to bed and had a bath, I pulled my notebook and pen out again, and wrote for another two hours.

Yesterday’s total word count: 4,224.

(Approximately. This is all longhand, after all, and I’m not counting every single word on sixteen pages of longhand. I did the counting how many words per line on half a page, averaged them, then multiplied by the number of lines on the page, then by the number of pages.)

Ceri has characterised this as being tackled by fiction writing. I will gladly take being ambushed by a story. It’s not like it came out of nowhere, though; I thought the initial scene out two nights ago while trying to fall asleep, a result of wondering ‘What would I have done with that situation instead?’ at someone else’s story decision. And it all unrolled, a scene with a different setting and characters and unique backstory, set several months after the different decision I would have made as a storyteller. After a day or so I decided to write it out so I wouldn’t forget it, because I really liked it, and I’m glad I did, because it led to another different scene that followed the first. It’s very in media res, and while I thought it was a cliffhanger ending for something it could very well be the beginning of something else. It would certainly be a very active way to begin a story. I am enjoying it very much.

(Alas, Cate; while this is set in an alternate London, it is not our ladies’ cello society steampunk adventure. Which reminds me, I need to finally upload the scene I wrote a month ago for you. But every little bit helps get me back on the writing wagon, so to speak. Or the writing stagecoach, perhaps, to use a more appropriate metaphor?)

Monday Activity Log

Yeah, this is early, but I’m dead after five hours already, having hit the ground running today.

Today, I:

– wrote the weekend roundup
– researched routes for the trip
– researched rest/meal stops
– researched location of shops we need to pick things up at
– mapped all these things out
– hunted for and found my old folder of camping information
– finalised our budget (which made me very sad; HRH and I are paying a lot more on this trip than we would have if we’d gone alone in our car)
– made a list of the things we need to pick up from the inlaws’ camping gear
– liaised with HRH about the pile of our own camping equipment assembled in the garage
– handled correspondence
– invoiced for last week’s work
– booked off the freelance roster this week
– baked bread
– finalised lists of (and started assembling) personal stuff to bring like clothes and books
– worked on the draft of the interview questions (new self-imposed deadline: Wednesday)

And then I ran out of energy in the early afternoon. I need to go read for a bit, then possibly finish the baby blanket on the loom to disengage the brain and keep my fingers occupied.

LATER: Ha. The loom didn’t make it out. Instead, I wrote 2,115 original words of a scene that I thought up two nights ago. Longhand, even!

Weekend Roundup, Father’s Day Edition

Happy summer solstice!

I’m exhausted. I feel like a black hole; I keep absorbing energy, but it vanishes. It was a good weekend, with nothing specific or enormous that drained me. There were small annoyances and obstacles, though, and when I deal with those the energy tends to slip away like something appropriately metaphoric through a sieve.

Saturday morning we headed out to do groceries and our Father’s Day shopping, and the boy got his hair cut. Then we headed to Angrignon Park for a naming ceremony I was leading, but the people were an hour later than they said they’d be there to prepare, and then the guests showed up half an hour after the specified time, too. They were all wonderful people and the ceremony was lovely, but it reminded me of why I usually charge for these things: the money covers hiccoughs like these that end up forcing me to adjust the rest of my day’s schedule. While we were waiting for everyone to arrive our real estate agent called with yet more bad news (actually, this was a repeat of earlier bad news that had been potentially rescinded, but no, we got disappointed for the second time on the same property). We ended up having to leave pretty much right after things finished because of the late start; the boy was very upset because we’d promised him he could play in the playground for half an hour after the ceremony, but the adjusted schedule meant the time wasn’t there for it any more.

We went home and changed, and fed the boy a very late lunch, then we headed to to the library just as it began to rain. The boy and I kicked around there for the better part of an hour and then came home to watch the storms batter the backyard till our agent arrived and we did some more paperwork.

Sunday morning I made pie crust and then quiche, and the Preston-LeBlancs came over for a lovely sunny Father’s Day/ Solstice brunch. We had piles of delicious food and the kids played inside and outside, and we had a wonderfully relaxing time talking to old friends. When they left I called my mother for our weekly chat, and while we did that the sun vanished, the wind kicked up, and we had another bad storm roll through. When it cleared up we headed over to HRH’s parents’ house (where they hadn’t had a speck of rain!) for a Father’s Day dinner of ribs, chicken, and multiple salads. I’d reached my limit, though, so all I managed to do was sit and watch the boy play in the pool with his grandmother and knit a couple of rounds on the short-sleeve sweater that I started last year.

After we put the boy to bed, HRH and I finally got to watch the Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes, which was fun and an interesting take on the characters, but somewhat annoying in that the foley and dialogue editors seemed to have fallen down on the job of making sure the lead character’s dialogue was clearly audible in the first third of the film.

I have so much to do in the next three days. I’ve already booked off my regular freelance thing because I have an interview to finish up, and we need to pack for our upcoming camping trip and do all the other stuff associated with it. I have tonnes of planning to do regarding shopping for food at the other end, plotting out the route, trying to pin down the budget… and mix CDs need to be made!

But first, I get to invoice. Hurrah!

Friday Activity Log

This is a bad fibro day. I didn’t sleep well for a variety of reasons (most of them being in the last two hours of the night, which ruins a whole night’s sleep for me), and I suspect cuddling a three-month-old yesterday, contorting my body to support him and be a comfy bed while in a waiting room chair, did nothing for my posture. I woke up super achy, and have become increasingly dizzy. So today’s work got rescheduled till Monday (the deadline’s next week, thank goodness), and I did fibro-friendlier stuff instead.

– answered e-mail
– finished polishing the baby naming ceremony I’m doing on Saturday
– final communication and details with the mum involved in the baby naming
– showered, washed hair (and, no surprise, wiped myself out)
– laundry
– yogaed
– wove on the baby blanket some more

The boys are due home in about forty-five minutes. We are going out to get ice cream, then off to a Surprise, AKA Toy Story 3 at the theatre. Let’s see if I can set the timer on the pizza dough properly today.

Thursday Activity Log

Well, this experiment is working. I’m seeing that I actually use my days to do stuff, instead of feeling as if I didn’t get anywhere by the end of the day. It’s showing me that a completed activity isn’t the only way to measure a day’s success.

Today, I:

– babysat Tristan Bean for an hour while his mum had a dentist appointment (best-behaved baby ever, and I got him to sleep not once but twice!)
– went to the bank
– picked up some groceries
– went to the pharmacy for stuff
– had a meeting with our real estate agent
– stressed about house stuff (yes, this deserves a separate bullet point, because, well, stuff happened)
– didtwo three four loads of laundry
– chain-plied a full bobbin of 4oz of singles (and only ended up with 66 yards; this is insane, I’ll have to spin up even more)

Wednesday Activity Log

Today, I:
– handled correspondence
– showered
– took public transport out to the south shore to meet HRH
– visited seven houses
– came back home
– edited yesterday’s freelance assignment at the coordinator’s request
– brief cello practice

And now I am going to go pass out on the couch till the boys get home and dinner is made. Orchestra tonight; I’m so exhausted that I know it will be a minor disaster.