Daily Archives: September 9, 2008

Orchestrated Update

Total word count, Orchestrated: 7,390
New words today: 2,197

So this is what happens when I actually leave the document open all day and remember to put words into it…

Of course, I didn’t do any work on the workshop for the weekend. Which means that’s what I have to do tomorrow afternoon, and finish it on Thursday. Which, in turn, means no more Orchestrated until I’m home from the festival next Monday. Sigh.

ETA: Except I did half an hour of moving things around and consolidating thoughts in the workshop file, and huh, look at that, I have the bones of a coherent workshop emerging. Again, the problem is going to be keeping it to one hour; I’m used to workshops being two hours. I suspect once I’m there I may toss everything out and just talk about why home-based spirituality is important and how to recognize/add spiritual elements to daily home life.

Orchestrated Update

Opened a ticket yesterday afternoon with the help desk of my hosting company, and they “restarted the related service”. This was after the blog came back on its own, mind you, so who knows what they started. We’re still going to try to make things more efficient from this end, starting with a reinstall of WP and a new template later this fall.

Enough angst! There was writing yesterday!

Total word count, Orchestrated: 5,193
New words yesterday: 1,143

I remember when a good day was 4K. Now I’m happy if I break a thousand. Sigh.

It will get easier as the story forms and the characters develop. If I can just keep writing it every day, the mind and body will suddenly remember what it’s like to be working on a book, and everything will be happy.

I can hope, can’t I?

I have now made bread, handled some work stuff, checked e-mail, and made plans for tomorrow. One last e-mail to write up and send out, then I get get to writing again.