Daily Archives: September 18, 2008

Orchestrated Update

New words today: 1,218
Total word count, Orchestrated: 10,611

Broke 10K today; that’s roughly 1/6th of the way. Now I’m off to run errands before picking up the boy. There is a cheque that needs to be deposited, after all, and I think I deserve a new pair of pants that fit properly and maybe a new fall sweater.

I forgot to mention that I wore my new green shoes to orchestra last night. I love them. Yay, green shoes!

Music Stuff

Yay! Daniel Levitin has a new book out, this one called The World In Six Songs: How the Musical Brain Created Human Nature. I loved This Is Your Brain On Music, so I’m going to pick this one up ASAP. Because, you know, I don’t have enough books on the To Read pile. (Two-thirds of the way through Anathem, still loving it, regretting that there are only 300 pages left; sigh. Also, I have a review book I’m supposed to read and, well, review, except I am so not in the mood for something set in the Regency period right now.)

Last night’s first rehearsal of the season was great. It felt really good to be back playing in concert with everyone. Our first guest conductor is in fact someone who we tested fiveish years ago when our original conductor passed away. I didn’t remember his name or his technique at all until about halfway through this rehearsal. He worked on having us express the music cleanly and with emotion, already set bowings for us prior to the rehearsal, and used examples and terminology to shape our interpretation. One night isn’t enough to fully evaluate someone’s technique, of course; we’ll be working with him properly for a couple of months to see how we suit. My borrowed cello was solid and serviceable but I’m glad I don’t play it on a regular basis. It was somewhat stiff, and the action was very high; thumb position would have killed me. I can see why C. upgraded to her current instrument, and again I’m reminded of how easy my cello is to play (oversize notwithstanding).

When I left for rehearsal I thought, Hmm, what do I need to bring? Oh, I should take my bow. A bow is a very personal thing, you see. So I grabbed that and off I went… leaving behind my (empty) music folder, my tuner, my pencils, my cleaning cloth, and my rosin. All these things are usually in my cello case, which is currently at the luthier with my cello, and since I don’t carry them separately it didn’t occur to me that I might need to collect them as well. At least I brought a bag with me so I could carry the music home, there was a pencil in my purse, and our section leader lent me her rosin (Liebenzeller Gold, wow; wish I’d had my own cello so I could have evaluated it better) and tuner.

Of course, although she’d heard about the new mystery cello and asked after it (hurrah for the tiny musical community who shares links to exciting blog posts about a fellow musician’s good fortune!) I forgot to ask her about lessons. Argh. I will write myself a note and stick it on the front of my music folder for next week.

In other news, I am not adverse to the government sending me random cheques based on my tax return, especially when they are nice chunks of money, but I do get suspicious and start looking over my shoulder when things have been going so nicely for a few months. I keep expecting a piano to fall. (Although if it’s an apartment sized piano, I will catch it and bring it home and install it in our living room for the boy and I to mess about with.)