Orchestrated Update

Total word count, Orchestrated: 7,390
New words today: 2,197

So this is what happens when I actually leave the document open all day and remember to put words into it…

Of course, I didn’t do any work on the workshop for the weekend. Which means that’s what I have to do tomorrow afternoon, and finish it on Thursday. Which, in turn, means no more Orchestrated until I’m home from the festival next Monday. Sigh.

ETA: Except I did half an hour of moving things around and consolidating thoughts in the workshop file, and huh, look at that, I have the bones of a coherent workshop emerging. Again, the problem is going to be keeping it to one hour; I’m used to workshops being two hours. I suspect once I’m there I may toss everything out and just talk about why home-based spirituality is important and how to recognize/add spiritual elements to daily home life.

6 thoughts on “Orchestrated Update

  1. paze

    “I’ll be giving an extended remix at least a couple of times in Montreal when the book comes out next spring”

    For true? I’m so there!
    Keep us posted!!


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