Daily Archives: September 23, 2008

New Music

I’ve just sorted through all the new music we got last week at orchestra, and here’s what we’ll be playing in the fall concert:

Symphony no. 104 (“London”) – Haydn
Iphegenia in Aulis ouverture – Christoph Gluck
Divertimento in C major KV 157 – Mozart
Adagio for Clarinet and Strings – Wagner

There’s something else to come, too.

The projected date for that concert is November 22. Mark you calendars now, but in pencil, just in case. When that date has been confirmed I’ll tell you.


We have achieved a decent operating level of health! It’s amazing what nine hours of sleep can do.

Of course, now we are in the post-sick weak-as-a-kitten stage. But being able to think straight, stand straight, and breathe is such a novelty that I can deal with the weakness. A walk would kill me.

I finished up my freelance evaluation this morning and I’m uploading it to the client’s server now. I’m wiped for the day, of course, but that’s fine; it will take a day or so to get it approved, and then I can grab another one. There’s a backlog of material to evaluate, so the client is doing a pay-and-a-half promotion this week. Extra money is very nice.

Now I can go curl up under the afghan or in bed and browse secondhand iBook listings. Goodness, they are affordable…