Daily Archives: September 4, 2008


I appear to have just successfully installed the USB card without Blade’s supervision. Opened the tower, took out the cover plate, snapped it into the motherboard, screwed it in, closed the box up, plugged everything back in. Turned it on.

Nothing has blown up yet. (He’d be the first to know, really, as my office is right under his bedroom.) Windows even recognized it as new hardware, identified it correctly, found the drivers, and everything.

I plugged the external hard drive into it. The computer sees it as a valid drive and I can move things back and forth. It’s even a 2.0 USB card, so things move faster than before.


Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket or something.

(Thanks Jan! You have made my life ever so much easier!)

Shoes! Glasses! Hair!

I surprised myself by problem-solving the camera issue. The laptop didn’t recognise the camera either, which leads me to suspect a camera issue and not a USB port issue (which doesn’t change the fact that I need the extra USB ports and will install them tonight). Vaguely remembering that the memory card I bought for the camera came with a card reader, I dug it out (surprise! I found it), yanked the card from the camera and managed to snap it into the reader, found a USB port on the box that would accept it, and transferred the photos. Voila: pictures!

New glasses and haircut (and tanned face and chest but white neck, I see, sigh):

These are last week’s news, though. What I am much more excited about (because they are newer, you understand) are the shoes!

Yes! I have green shoes. Huzzah!

What were once boring beige shoes…

(I wish I had an image to show you, I really do) that looked very similar to this, although a shade or two lighter… more of a mushroom colour than camel

…are now a dark emerald!

The ‘gently apply dye with the sponge in a circular rubbing motion’ didn’t work at all (talk about uneven and no dye really sinking in, and yes, I did the scrub-with-the-preparation-liquid thing), so after a go at the rubbing I just painted the stuff on with the little brush. It needs a final coat to even things out (I will use the sponge and rub this time, I promise, and I see that I need to touch up the seam where the leather is attached to the soles) but wow, am I ever pleased with how they turned out. (And evidently I have one basic pose for photos of shoes on my feet.)

Did I mention that red shoes are damn well everywhere this season? I am miffed. This means that in two years there ought to be green shoes widely available in desirable colours and funky styling.

Right — I must grab a notebook and my bag and head off to the doctor.

Hullo, World

First things first: Happy birthday to Sandman7 and Pdaughter!

I just spoke briefly with t!, who says life is very good at the new homestead in southern Ontario. Just to let those who are wondering know, the Coalition Stronghold does not have internet access and will not until early next week.

I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off today, and did not in any way need the New Construction Headache in the middle of town this morning as I tried to get gas and to the bank. Argh.

My computer will not recognize my camera at all, no matter what USB port I use. Tonight I plan to open the box under Blade‘s supervision (which at this point consists mostly of Blade drinking Scotch and tossing me a screwdriver; he’s moral support and the voice of wisdom that suggests I may not actually want to plug/unplug a particular cable inside) to insert the USB expansion card Jan gave me before she left, to up the number of installed USB ports to eight. I have pictures to share, you see, of the new haircut and the new glasses and other things, and not being able to get them off the camera is annoying.

I finished the huge freelance project yesterday, two days after I’d wanted it gone because I realized I had to do one final step. I may do a timed writing thing around noon before I have to head out to the doctor just past one, simply to get some words down. After that it’s to the south shore to drop off postdated cheques with the boy’s preschool, because they were forgotten yesterday which was in fact Wednesday not Tuesday as we all thought it was. And if I’m out there I might as well pick HRH up from work before going to get the boy from his caregiver, who is having a little party today with the kids.

Next week’s work is all mine, because I have to draft the workshop I’m doing at the Hamilton Pagan Pride Day event on September 13. Which is next weekend. We’re leaving a week from tomorrow. Eek.

Right; off I go to do more headless chickeny things. Which reminds me… I need to think of something for dinner.